The Unique Blogger Award: A very on-brand ego boost

Well, you guys, I guess it’s official. This is the closest we’re ever going to get to a full-on confirmation or legal classification or certificate of some kind.

Evidently, I am not like other girls. I am John Green manic-pixie-dream levels of quirky. Simply put, I am unique. So unique that four amazing and trustworthy individuals have told me so, by nominating me for this award.

I am going to choose to believe this is not the passive aggressive “wow, I love your sense of style…it’s so…unique” backhanded-compliment definition of the word and be quite pleased instead.

The aforementioned trustworthy/amazing/all around great people and fun times are Holly @ Nut Free Nerd, Audrey @ Audrey Writes Abroad, Kay @ Hammock of Books, and The Readers Bay. This is a truly blessed group of four of my favorite bloggers. They are all excellent and a privilege to have in the ol’ feed and if you don’t follow them already or do so immediately I simply don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Okay, so. The award!


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  • Display the award!
  • Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog onyour blog.
  • Answer the questions they’ve written for you!
  • Nominate 8-13 bloggers and give them three questions in the spirit of sharing love and solidarity within our blogging family!

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 8.43.12 PM

Nominated by Holly @ Nut Free Nerd

Holly didn’t specify questions, so I’m just going to steal the ones from her post.

If you could only choose one genre to read for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Probably classics. (This is the same thing that Holly said, but I promise I’m not just trying to steal her identity/whole brand/trying to become her. However tempting that may be.)

I don’t actually read that many classics, but 1) it’s the genre I’m most likely to five star, and 2) there are allll kinds of classics. And if I’m looking to read only one genre for the rest of my whole entire human existence, it canNOT be some one-note bullsh*t.

Sorry, YA everything.

What is the worst book you have ever read?

Oh, I do hate to answer this question. I just hate so many books that it’s impossible to choose my least favorite. Like picking a favorite child, except the complete opposite of that entirely.

This Is Where the World Ends, The Light We Lost, and In a Perfect World are all up there though.

Describe your perfect reading nook!

My roommate and I have the immense honor and great privilege of owning the best, comfiest, mushiest couch in the world. It is very ugly and will never make it onto my Instagram, but it is amazing and worthy of adoration.

Reading on the Esplanade is cool too I guess.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 1.51.59 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 8.43.52 PM

Nominated by Audrey @ Audrey Writes Abroad

What is your favorite kind of villain in a book?

My ideal villain is:

  • charming
  • badass
  • talented
  • unapologetic/guiltless
  • female
  • stereotype-shattering

Okay yeah sure I’m just describing Piper from Blue Lily, Lily Blue WHAT OF IT.

If you could live in a fictional world (besides Hogwarts), which one would it be?

As someone who made a list of her ten favorite settings for literally no reason other than her fixation on definitive rankings, this question is a dream. (Also the Wizarding World only comes in at #6 on that list, so…really living up to that “unique” title.)

I would seriously pay cold hard cash to live in any of the worlds in that list, but I gotta stick to my roots and say I’d reside in Wonderland, baby.

If you could live anywhere in the real world, where would it be?

I have to say that I’m pretty happy living in Boston. I do love it here. However…I wouldn’t say no to moving somewhere in Europe.

Or somewhere where WINTER TEMPERATURES AREN’T UNSURVIVABLE BY ORGANIC LIFE!!! (Ignore me. I’m just yelling at the climate of the greater Boston area.)

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 1.51.59 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 8.44.16 PM

Nominated by Kay @ Hammock of Books

What is your favorite type of blog post?

It used to be tags like this, because I am obsessed with myself and therefore just adore answering questions all about me. And I do still like them. But I’m also very into wrap-ups lately. They make me feel Organized and In Control Of My Life.


What is a book so amazing that you could talk about it forever, and why?

The energy it is taking for me to physically prevent myself from bringing up Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for the infinitieth time…ironic. Literally me exhibiting that I could talk about it forever.

But I could also talk about A Series of Unfortunate Events forever. Especially The Penultimate Peril. Those books are just so stupid good.

What is your favorite book you read this year, and why?



It’s eight. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. I lead such a privileged life.

I don’t wannaaaa pick a favorite of them though. It’s too hard. They’re all so good. That’s the point of giving them five stars. It means they’re perfect and amazing. I will just list them instead. They are:

The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Every Heart a Doorway, The Last Tycoon, The Whiz Mob and the Grenadine Kid, Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World, The Annotated Alice, Foolish Hearts, and The Raven King.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 1.51.59 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 8.45.26 PM

Nominated by The Readers Bay

A movie which you prefer to the book?


I’ve said it a million times but Love, Simon is better than Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, and the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before movie is wayyyy better than the book.

And I’m not sorry.

Would you rather decide the day you die, or decide the way you die?

Oooh insane question and I love it. Also, it depends. Would I be deciding in advance the day I die, or just like, waking up one morning and being all “today’s the day”? If it’s the latter, I want that. But if I know ahead of time I’d be worrying about that sh*t until the cows come home.

“Until the cows come home” in this case meaning “until I am dead, as I always knew I would be on that specific day.”

If you could have a chance of being a fictional character, which one would you be and what would be the first thing that you do?

Whoa baby this is tough!

Honestly…I might just want to be Blue from the Raven Cycle. So I can live in her cool house and work at her cool pizza job and obviously be friends with Adam and Ronan and my sweet prince Noah.

But of course – and this should really go without saying – my first move would be declaring my love to Gansey and then just hanging around him for the rest of time.

Pretty typical Blue stuff.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 1.51.59 PM

The last time I really put my heart out there and wrote nice questions and nominated a ton of people for an award, LIKE THREE PEOPLE DID IT.

So now I refuse to put myself out there in the hopes you will all see the error of your ways.

Thanks to those who nominated me!! Y’all are the goods.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 11.25.22 AM

What do you think of my answers? Would you answer the same to any? Differently?

If you could live in any non-Hogwarts fictional world, where would it be?


45 thoughts on “The Unique Blogger Award: A very on-brand ego boost

  1. TheReadersBay says:

    I’m so glad you did it!! And no doubt the movie of All the boys I’ve loved before is so much better than the book!

    Hmm, let’s see I think I would live in delirium world where love is forbidden and then fall in love?? You know, do the sneaky kinda thing

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jessica says:

    I definitely, 100% agree that the Love, Simon movie is so much better!! Honestly, I didn’t even like the book that much… oops. But I really enjoyed the movie!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ashley @ Book Tales says:

    Completely agree, the Love, Simon movie was so much more enjoyable than the book. The only part of the movie I really disliked was when his friends completely turned on him, even though he just got outed. (I don’t remember if that also happened in the book or not but it sucked).

    Liked by 1 person

    • emmareadstoomuch says:

      i think the friends turned on him more in the movie than the book – i was a little upset that they turned up the drama that much, especially because i think ~true friends~ would come to his defense in some of those situations regardless – but overall i do understand being mad at him a little. just not THAT much

      Liked by 1 person

    • emmareadstoomuch says:

      thank you!! Piper is honestly the best villain i’ve ever read and the fact that everyone isn’t constantly screaming from the rooftops how amazing she is is a travesty


  4. audreywritesabroad says:

    AHAHA, girl! You are definitely UNIQUE and deserve these four award! I love your answers! That villain from Lily Blue, Blue Lily sounds really awesome and I need to read this book asap, I’ve heard so many great things about it and why am I still talking about it and not reading it already? BYE! 🖤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. may says:

    i can’t believe i finally found a manic-pixie-dream-girl who is not like other girls 😍😍 my life is complete

    omg when i was reading the description of the best villain, i TOTALLY THOUGHT OF PIPER TOO AND THEN WHEN YOU MENTIONED IT!! i knew i loved you for a reason.

    your lara jean-esque picture is so not helping rn like i know youre a bookstagram queen but if you not gonna supply your devoted readers (me) with cookies while we snuggle up under our covers reading your posts, then yoU CANT TEASE US WITH PICTURES (jk, i love your pics sm, dont ever stop)

    congrats on being nominated b, you totally deserve it ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • emmareadstoomuch says:

      ugh unique queen of my heart ❤ ❤ if i nominated so much as one person it would have been u, however i've been hurt before etc etc

      I THINK IT WAS YOU WHO BEFORE I EVEN READ BLLB WAS LIKE U WILL LOVE IT AND U WILL LOVE PIPER. and you were 100 percent right i am forever in your debt

      i'm teasing myself boi that pic is old af and cookies are rivaled only by books for being the great love of my life

      ty ty ily ily ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  6. CG @ Paper Fury says:

    I am LIVING for all the Stiefvater appreciation here AHH!! I also want to be Blue when I grow up, so definitely would pick Henrietta to live in. Or maybe Thisby?! (Also I have no idea if Henrietta is a real town lmao. I mean it’s American, it might be real? OR FAKE. IS AMERICA FAKE. I’M NOT SURE.) I also freaking adore The Raven King. 🎉And also your photos are an amazing piece of delight here. 😍😍LOVE.

    Liked by 1 person

    • emmareadstoomuch says:

      america is entirely one hundred percent fake maggie stiefvater made it ALLL up

      i canNOT believe how long it took me to read The Raven Cycle out of stubbornness and fear of hype. THE HYPE IS REAL and i want to /be/ Blue

      omg thank you??? queen of bookstagram??? the highest possible praise i swoon


  7. Joce says:

    okay dead because your intro to this post is so hilarious

    alsoooo the esplanade is also one of my ultimate favorite spots to read (and i can see it from my window) so like we should have a reading date??? also all of your bookstagrams are gorgeous and i also loved this post!!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Ilsa @ A Whisper Of Ink says:

    UM YES I’d LOVE to be Blue. coincidentally, the raven boys is sitting next to me right now since I’m re-reading it since it’s October and seriously do I need any reason to re-read this series – no I don’t. This is a great tag. I actually really hate Piper, like I thought she was pretty cool at first but then…she just started getting on my nerves, oops. YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY IS SO BEAUTIFUL WOW OMG WE STAN A TALENTED QUEEN.

    Liked by 1 person

    • emmareadstoomuch says:

      omg omg omg omg I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOUR TRC REREAD. i just finished The Raven King (for the first time – i am such a fake/bad fan) and immediately wanted to reread all of them.

      truly i get being annoyed by Piper. also i think the last book ruins her.

      UGH ILY so good to hear (read) your voice (words)

      Liked by 1 person

  9. malanielovesfiction says:

    OH MY GOD. *is overwhelmed* Gansey is the absolute best character ever and you are so right???!! GANSEY. YES. BLUE. I’D BE BLUE. YES.
    also, I just finished having an existential crisis bc I didn’t like Foolish Hearts. I was so confused bc I’m an Emma Mills person, there was no logical reason AT ALL for me not to like it, it had a sapphic couple and a cute protagonist and friendship and sldkfjslkjdflsk. I thought I was surely sick or something. That was the only explanation. omg I’m spiraling again.
    ++ I would marry the villain you outlined above c: c:

    Liked by 1 person

    • emmareadstoomuch says:

      GANSEYGANSEYGANSEYGANSEY. i would take turns inhabiting blue’s body with you. that’s how much affection i have for ya.

      oh my god i cannot believe you didn’t like Foolish Hearts!! but then again, that’s the only emma mills book i truly loved, so. maybe we just have exact opposite emma mills tastes.

      i would also marry that villain!!! and/or become them.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Sophie @ Blame Chocolate says:

    Hahaha another brilliant post, Emma! I don’t think I could answer the last question though… I would like to NOT die at all thank you 😂😂😂 (or if I do at least give me the greatest book of all – yet to be invented – to pass the time in the afterlife)

    You made me want to check out more classics now because I rarely do and I usually end up enjoying them quite a bit, so I don’t get why my brain refuses to seek them out in the first place!

    Liked by 1 person

    • emmareadstoomuch says:

      thank you!! omg i also would like to be immortal. i either want to never die, or die young so i don’t have to age.

      i’m exactly the same! i love classics basically 100% of the time and yet i never…read them? my brain is so self-destructive it’s wild.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Kelly Brigid says:

    Congrats on the award! And I absolutely agree with only reading classics for the rest of my life, and everything you said about the Taven Cycle. I would love to be Blue and spend all my times with those sweet babies (especially Gansey. Hehe)! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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