Taking a Break

Hey gang.

I realize it seems silly to make a post like this here, where I post once every three months tops anyway, but it seemed like the easiest way to write a message I can post across platforms and I am nothing if not lazy efficient.

Anyway. I just wanted to give you all a heads up that I’m going through a pretty devastating loss right now and am not going to be as present here / on Goodreads / on Twitter for a bit. Sometimes you go through something that makes everything else, even the stuff that seemed important before, totally whackadoodle.

So I hope you all  have a good…however long (maybe it won’t be too long at all!). I’ll see you again soon.

Black Lives Matter: Books by Black authors I’m reading this month

Hello party people. It has, once again, been a very long time since I’ve posted here.

It probably would have been even longer, if I’m honest, except for the fact that I want to use whatever voice I have to amplify the voices of others. Which is why I’m abandoning the half-baked TBR I had lightly considered for this month in favor of focusing on books by Black authors. Continue reading

More unpopular opinions because I’m dead inside

More here means both “a post containing additional unpopular opinions” and “opinions more unpopular than ever before.”

The thing about my posting schedule (which lately consists of a single post, then three months of nothing, then a handful of posts, then five months of nothing, and so on until, presumably, either my brain breaks or all of yours do) is that it’s mostly downsides. Continue reading