25 Bookish Facts about Me: Because I’ll never stop talking about myself under the pretense of books


As everyone knows, this blog is where I rant about myself and am generally a self-obsessed monster but every once in a while I mention a book and so I call the whole thing “book blogging.”

This post is made for this blog, people. We have reached the apex of the brand. Continue reading


August Wrap-Up: We love a post with a schedule and a format

Why hello, everybody. (Feel free to read in the Michael Scott voice I was hearing as I typed it, although I’m not sure if that’s a real quote. Honestly might be from the bloopers. #Truefan.)

It’s been a few weeks, but at this point that’s par for the course on this blog so I’m going to go ahead and not apologize. That’s right! I won’t repent. Not an ounce of regret in me. Fight me on it. Continue reading

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Series Review: The emotional rollercoaster of a lifetime

So the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before movie came out today or yesterday or something and it is, spoiler alert, good as hell. Honestly better than any of the books in the series. Just go ahead and revoke my bookworm card – it’s happened. I’m someone who says things like “the film adaptation was better” now.

I don’t know why I’m shirking my carefully curated brand like this either.

Anyway, I figured no better time than the semi-related present than to finally post this full series review! I read all the books so you don’t have to and here’s what happened. (Hint: Just watch the movie instead.) (Movie-Peter is hot and fun instead of a massively unbearable asshole.) Continue reading

June and July Combination Wrap-Up: Yes, mistakes were made

That super relatable feeling when you accidentally take a hiatus for like the whole summer. With no excuse. You just never ever ever post for pretty much three months for no good reason.

No?? Not relatable??? Man I was hoping to slip that in there but nothing gets past you guys. Not even the hypothetical version of you guys that exists in my brain as the only filter past what gets in these posts. (It’s not a very strong filter.)

Anyway I haven’t posted a wrap-up since May, which, coincidentally, was also my third-most-recent post. Killing it!

So here we are. Let’s talk June/July, baby. Continue reading

The best thing ever in the history of the world: Books and free stuff and winning, oh my

Greetings, loved ones. (Please read in the voice from the beginning of the Katy Perry song California Girls, without thinking I enjoy either that song or the musician Katy Perry.)

I have been gone for a while, and for that I am sorry. If you are my friend on Goodreads you know I am having a bit of a strange time right now (shoutout to my attention seeking status updates am I right ladies??). But I am movin’ up and movin’ on and I have VERY EXCITING NEWS! Continue reading

The Mystery Blogger Award: I hope this has something to do with spies. Or detectives!

Spies and detectives are both very cool and good things, and also two career paths I’m keeping on the back burner in case this whole English major thing doesn’t work out. And honestly how could it?

Fingers crossed this award is something that will look good on my spy-and-detective job applications.

I was nominated by Brittany @ Bookworm Brittany, Rachael @ Beach Bookworm, Georgiana @ Readers’ High Tea, and Fashion & Fiction, as recently as yesterday and as long ago as last September. Continue reading