Oops: Wrapping up June, July, August, September, and October because I’m a mess


My fourth-most recent post is a wrap up of FOUR MONTHS. Merely three posts ago!! That’s how recently we did this!!

And yet somehow, enough months have since passed that I have to wrap up five more. Continue reading

The Behind the Book Blogger Tag: All me, all the time


Right now, I should definitely be working on a wrap up post. I’m months behind and I need to wrap up, like…50 books? 60? 70? An ever-growing and also absurd number. But instead I’m writing this.

And the simple explanation for that is I’ve posted so. Many. Wrap-ups. Lately, and even I can get sick of myself when I’m that repetitive. And I’m never sick of myself. Which is why we’re about to spend the rest of this post talking ALL ABOUT ME! Continue reading