how i review

attempting to post once a week-ish/four times a month. a LOT of those are reviews.

a little more info on my ratings & shelving systems

average goodreads rating: 2.96 stars

disclaimer: I am very, very honest in my reviews. the vast majority of the time I have something negative to say about a book and I am always going to come right out and say it. if you think that honest negative reviews are “mean,” stick to my rare 5 star ones.

popularity of opinion: because I’m really critical, my opinions sometimes differ from the YA or general mainstream. (Sometimes I’ll like books people tend not to, too.) Opinions like that will be tagged here, on the off chance I remember that tag exists.

my stars system

  • 1 star: hated it
  • 2 starsdisliked it/did not enjoy reading
  • 3 stars: neutral/liked it slightly/occasionally enjoyed
  • 4 stars: really enjoyed/liked but did not fall in love and/or had small problems with it
  • 5 starsadored it/fell in love with it


my shelving system

  • nope: 1-2 stars – strongly disliked the experience of reading it; cannot in good faith recommend
  • eh: 2-3 stars – felt bored or neutral; others may like it but i wouldn’t want to reread
  • recommend: 4-5 stars – fell somewhere between enjoying and loving it; want others to share the experience
  • favorite: very rare; this beautiful gift to humanity has landed in the glorious utopia of my all time favorites list