Merry Christmas, I’m terrible: The Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag

Well isn’t this just classic.

No way to wrap up a year quite like a reminder of what an awful reader you are!!

Just kidding. This tag is adorable and I remain overwhelmingly (and ill-advisedly) confident and we are thriving and having a good time always. ALWAYS, I SAID. Continue reading


The passage of time is unrelenting: End of Year Book Tag


Okay. I mean, don’t get me wrong, time is arbitrary/a social construct/meaningless, but THE END OF THE YEAR IS SO STRESSFUL. Like…next year I will graduate college. I will have to find a Real Job in order to pay Real Bills and be a Real Person. Time, please stop!!!

But time will not stop. It is not in its nature. Continue reading

The Unique Blogger Award: A very on-brand ego boost

Well, you guys, I guess it’s official. This is the closest we’re ever going to get to a full-on confirmation or legal classification or certificate of some kind.

Evidently, I am not like other girls. I am John Green manic-pixie-dream levels of quirky. Simply put, I am unique. So unique that four amazing and trustworthy individuals have told me so, by nominating me for this award.

I am going to choose to believe this is not the passive aggressive “wow, I love your sense of style…it’s so…unique” backhanded-compliment definition of the word and be quite pleased instead. Continue reading

The 20 Questions Book Tag: Answers to the questions you did not ask

Technically this is a book blog. I mean, the word “read” is in the title. There’s a review category in my main navigation bar. I talk about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland a lot and that’s a book.

But this blog is focused on one thing more than it is focused on books, and that thing is Me.

Books I like. Books I don’t like. Shows I like. Graphics I make. My jokes. Me talking about how obsessed I am with myself. Me talking about my life except scratch that last one because I only do that when I’m complaining vaguely about the shambles it’s in. Continue reading

My 20 Favorite Books Ever, Literally, Of All Time

Whaddup whaddup.

I’ve decided I’m going to just stop apologizing for not posting on a schedule, because I literally never do it, and this blog is repetitive enough (i.e., me being obsessed with myself under pretense of books) without me opening every single post with a halfhearted sorry for something I’m going to do again within the next 3-5 business days.

Anyways. I am in a good mood today (rare) and I thought, let’s stick with this rare-and-good theme and talk about my favorite books of all time. My children. Those objects closest to my heart.

Continue reading