The Unpopular Opinion Book Tag

I have never felt more #understood, more #represented, more #recognized in my entire existence as an otherworldly being a normal human on this planet.

Okay, step 1: one of my favorite individuals in the mapped universe-slash-Internet tagged me to do this. It is my name twin. She is so kind and great and her tags are particularly fab. Go click that link and read her post right now. She’s the loveliest. You can go cleanse your weary soul after being on the hellscape that is my blog. (But why not like this post first, right? You’re already here.)

Secondly, has there ever been anything me-er than this?

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BookTube-a-thon 2017: The TBR

I don’t watch BookTube. I don’t have anything against it, exactly, but I don’t watch it. (The whole time I’m like, somebody punch someone! Let a comedian pop up through a trapdoor! But no, they just very adorably and charmingly unbox books or talk about them or whatever.) (Yes, this is exactly as advertised. What, am I not allowed to complain without justification anymore?!)


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Ten maybe-helpful tips on how to buy books without selling your children

Or in addition to selling your children, if that was already on the agenda.

So: I am a book hoarder. In an ideal world, I would own every book I’ve ever read in addition to every book I ever want to read in addition to every book with a pretty cover in addition to every edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ever thought up or created.

Is that possible? No. But I’d like to believe I come closer every day.

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The “Who I Am” Tag

I saw the very cool Destiny over at Howling Libraries do this, and I am attempting to become her – like, Voldemort-attaching-to-the-back-of-Professor Quirrell’s-head style – so obviously I have to do it too.

Plus she tagged “everyone,” so while I rarely consider myself part of everyone (I’m wayyyy too alternative, you guys. #Notlikeothergirls) I decided to make an exception this time.


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June Wrap Up

So…I fell off the bandwagon for a few days there. My b, my b. It’s a holiday week n’ all. Busybusy. You know the drill. (Insert more excuses here.) Honestly, it was only a matter of time before posting consistently was no longer possible for me, due to my own self-destructive tendencies and no other reasons.

I’ll find a schedule. Eventually, maybe, etc.

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