It’s My Birthday! + Seven Days of Us Blog Tour

Yes, you read that correctly. Truly exciting stuff. I have left my teenage years behind me. All that youthful charm is gone now; I am a wizened, bitter twenty-year-old with bad circulation and a cookie addiction.

So basically, yes, nothing has changed but the number of years, but today I am twenty you guys!!

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Goodreads Book Tag: Feat. the Second-Best Website in the World


It sits here before you now: a combination of my second-favorite website (nothing beats Book Outlet) (on an unrelated note, Book Outlet, please sponsor me), and a series of questions that allow me to unapologetically talk about myself for as long as I deem fit. (And I deem “forever” to be fit.)

I would be remiss if I did not thank the person who gave me the gift of this tag a million times. Bonus, it was Holly @ Nut Free Nerd, who has an AMAZING blog. And the coolest-ever taste in books. And is currently studying abroad in England and generally being unbelievably rad. Follow her!!!

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My 20 Favorite Books Ever, Literally, Of All Time

First: Hi, Sam!

First to all non-Sam people: Whaddup whaddup.

I’ve decided I’m going to just stop apologizing for not posting on a schedule, because I literally never do it, and this blog is repetitive enough (i.e., me being obsessed with myself under pretense of books) without me opening every single post with a halfhearted sorry for something I’m going to do again within the next 3-5 business days.

Anyways. I am in a good mood today (rare) and I thought, let’s stick with this rare-and-good theme and talk about my favorite books of all time. My children. Those objects closest to my heart.

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Burn, Rewrite, Reread Book Tag

First things first (please read this in an ashamed voice): hi, guys.

It’s been a while. A hot second, if you will.

Sorry sorry sorry sorry. I’m really soooooo sorryyyyyy. But would it really be me if I went a month without taking, say, multiple unexplained and unplanned hiatuses? That seems dangerously off-brand to me. And if you’re not reading this blog for my dazzling personality and myriad charms, one: I would like you to leave immediately and two: I honestly don’t know what you’re here for. Because you’re not getting much more than heaping doses of me. And you’re definitely not getting posts with any sort of consistency.

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The Book Blogger Insider Tag: More information about me than you ever wanted to know

I imagine that, by now, you’re all sick to death of hearing my self-obsessed tirades about my own life, and therefore it is not very hard to hit the “more-than-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-me” bar. Because we already hit it. Long ago. Probably no one is reading this blog anymore – I’m too scared to look at my stats.

Oh my god, what if I have multiple personalities and those personalities are taking over and are the sole readers of my various social media? AM I COMMENTING ON MY OWN GOODREADS REVIEWS?

Too deep.

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The Book Princess Sidekick Tag: Or, Me in a Princess-Related Thing

Here is a really unpopular opinion I hold near and dear to my heart: I don’t like Disney that much (with exactly 2 exceptions). I would apologize for it, but I’m really not sorry. It has a lot of benefits for me. I can spend money without questioning whether I should save it to put toward a sweaty crowded “vacation” in a glorified cartoon-themed money pit. I can watch movies that are geared toward those taller than three apples high. I can even be aware that a new Disney film is coming out without ever viewing it!

It’s a good life, really.

However, add another thing to my now-three=things-long Disney appreciation list: This tag! I ogled it from afar for a long time (picture me looking at pastries in a bakery, except the glass case is my laptop and my nose is definitively not pressed up against it) before the ever-lovely Rhea over at Bookchanted took pity upon me and tagged me in it. As always, I recommend you like this post but then immediately avoid reading it and check her take on it out instead.

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Top 9 Ways to Make Me Hate Your Book

Whaddup whaddup. Yes, I am still attempting to settle into a blogging schedule. Honestly, I think it’s adorable that I’ll post every day for a week after months of throwing a review up maybe once a week. Very on-brand. I’m like, so unreliable, you guys. But my charms make it worthwhile. (This is my manic pixie dream girl impression.) (That was a spoiler.)

Anyway, I hate a lot of books. So today I figured I’d talk about some of the more common or most terrible things that can make me slap on a one-star rating faster than you can say “not like other girls.” (That was also a spoiler.) 

Also this post is young adult-focused, because honestly YA books are a lot more trope-y and annoying. Sorry not sorry. (But I am genuinely sorry that I just used that phrase, because it hasn’t been socially acceptable in 5 years and I yearn to be cool, you know?)

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