The Mystery Blogger Award: I hope this has something to do with spies. Or detectives!

Spies and detectives are both very cool and good things, and also two career paths I’m keeping on the back burner in case this whole English major thing doesn’t work out. And honestly how could it?

Fingers crossed this award is something that will look good on my spy-and-detective job applications.

I was nominated by Brittany @ Bookworm Brittany, Rachael @ Beach Bookworm, Georgiana @ Readers’ High Tea, and Fashion & Fiction, as recently as yesterday and as long ago as last September. Continue reading


May Wrap-Up: I’m just a girl trying her best


I mean. I feel like I say things like that a lot. But when you had a month that started out like my May did and then you have a month that continued/ended like my May did and also they were the SAME MONTH

There’s just no term for that except “emotional rollercoaster.” Continue reading

The 20 Questions Book Tag: Answers to the questions you did not ask

Technically this is a book blog. I mean, the word “read” is in the title. There’s a review category in my main navigation bar. I talk about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland a lot and that’s a book.

But this blog is focused on one thing more than it is focused on books, and that thing is Me.

Books I like. Books I don’t like. Shows I like. Graphics I make. My jokes. Me talking about how obsessed I am with myself. Me talking about my life except scratch that last one because I only do that when I’m complaining vaguely about the shambles it’s in. Continue reading

April Wrap-Up: I break out of my reading slump + some great reads + 500 followers??

What. A. Month.

Like, we’re, what, a handful of days into May? And my life is already in shambles. I am in full freakout crisis mode. My personal life is in a state of destruction of my own making. Everything is ruined permanently and I cannot fix it.

April, on the other hand? All I had to worry about was my looming demise at the hands of finals, plus how I was going to make it through the ceiling as my quality of life continued to rise, without regard to manmade structures, toward the atmosphere. (Again: before I ruined everything, as I tend to do.) Continue reading

The 2nd Annual Book Blogger Awards: I love everyone

HI so this is going to be the least cute post on Earth. I have an 8-10 page paper due tomorrow (not yet done) + a final (really need to study) + am moving out of my apartment + have class in an hour + OH GOD I’M FREAKING OUT WHAT HAVE I DONE.

Anyway anyway anyway I just realized today is the last day to put in nominations for the 2nd Annual Book Blogger Awards (hosted by the amazing Joce; her post here) and while I hate myself for putting it off I love everyone on here waaaaaay too much to not give them a lil recognition.

So away we go!!! Continue reading

Books I am so scared to read. Ahh! (That’s me being scared)

I read a lot of YA. More specifically, I read a lot of popular YA. Most specifically of all, my TBR at any given time looks like I took a list of every mainstream author + every anticipated release + every book that is inescapable in anyone’s Goodreads feed, threw it on the ol’ to-read list, and hoped for the best.

This has a lot of fun effects. Lots of people to talk to about the book! Lots of reviews from trusted sources to read! Lots of fun when I inevitably hate it!

Scratch that last one.

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