Merry Christmas, I’m terrible: The Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag

Well isn’t this just classic.

No way to wrap up a year quite like a reminder of what an awful reader you are!!

Just kidding. This tag is adorable and I remain overwhelmingly (and ill-advisedly) confident and we are thriving and having a good time always. ALWAYS, I SAID. Continue reading


The passage of time is unrelenting: End of Year Book Tag


Okay. I mean, don’t get me wrong, time is arbitrary/a social construct/meaningless, but THE END OF THE YEAR IS SO STRESSFUL. Like…next year I will graduate college. I will have to find a Real Job in order to pay Real Bills and be a Real Person. Time, please stop!!!

But time will not stop. It is not in its nature. Continue reading

The Unique Blogger Award: A very on-brand ego boost

Well, you guys, I guess it’s official. This is the closest we’re ever going to get to a full-on confirmation or legal classification or certificate of some kind.

Evidently, I am not like other girls. I am John Green manic-pixie-dream levels of quirky. Simply put, I am unique. So unique that four amazing and trustworthy individuals have told me so, by nominating me for this award.

I am going to choose to believe this is not the passive aggressive “wow, I love your sense of style…it’s so…unique” backhanded-compliment definition of the word and be quite pleased instead. Continue reading