The very best books of the worst year yet

Well…hey, everybody. It’s been a while, huh.

Longer than usual, even.

Normally I’d come in here with some kinda attempt at a witty reintroduction and then act like no time had passed at all. But a lot of time did pass, in fact. 12 times, if you call a month a time.

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Books I like that no one else does (even my positive opinions are unpopular)

I hate a lot of books. 2.7 average rating for 2017, 2.97 average overall rating on Goodreads, bla bla bla, you’ve heard it before. In addition to that fact, there is also the fact that I read a lot of popular YA books. Probably mostly popular YA books.

So. In conclusion, I read a lot of well-loved YA and I hate a lot of what I read. Bring those things together and you’ve got the formula for consistently unpopular opinions boi!!

But there’s another side to the unpopular opinion, and that is “Here is a book that people aren’t all that into that I loved a lot.” It is, in short, the more fun side. And here are three times that it happened to me!!!

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