Happy New Year! I actually liked books in 2018 and here’s the proof

Here’s a confession that has nothing to do with this post: Nearly every single time I write anything or introduce myself in a bookish setting in any way, I am overwhelmingly tempted to write/say-sing “Hey what’s up hello myyyy name is Emma and today we’re talking about dinosaurs/writing about my undying affection for that picture of Orlando Bloom riding a bike with his dog in a DIY Baby Björn/thinking about the 80 cookies I baked that are sitting downstairs/stressing about volcanos that are past due to explode,” like Emma Books who I think might have an excess of Ms in her username and also is constantly totally irrevocably messing up my SEO.

Anyway, in this case I’d conclude that catchphrase-stealing with “wrapping up the year on a rare positive note.” Woo! Continue reading

The 10 worst books of 2017, my worst year for liking books

This year had a consequence I never expected: My reviews are pretty synonymous with negativity.

Well, like, not really. If you say “emmareadstoomuch,” most people will be like, Pardon? What? Who? What ridiculous name is this – is she okay? Unless you happen to randomly survey one of my real-life friends (whose response will be laughter, definitely, and a sly cutting witty remark, probably) or someone in this wildly narrow wonderful niche of the Internet.

Those people will likely associate me with negative reviews.

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2017 Year in Book Review Tag: A year that went about as well as you’d expect

So. 2017. If hot garbage was suddenly transfigured into a year, it’d be this one yo!!!!

Just kidding. Kind of. Personally I had a pretty solid year; globally everything is falling apart; reading-wise (what we’re actually here for) it was…a mixed bag. Quantity: okay. Quality: wow, really bad, what is wrong with me???

I’ve read 129 books so far this year, and my average rating was a 2.7.

I may be clinically insane. But let’s talk about the 129 reads that got me there shall we???

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