June Wrap-Up: Books by Black authors

I want to begin this post by calling myself out.

When it comes to reading diversely, I have failed. My privilege has allowed me to read from a homogenous group of authors without noticing, because again and again I find myself, a cis white woman, represented in those pages. Continue reading

New Year, New Me: January, February & March Wrap-Up

I realize saying “new year, new me” in a post going up in April is more “not really new year, same me with irregular posting times,” but still. Let me have this.

I’m posting twice in one month!! Okay. Well, more like twice in four weeks.

Fine, twice in OVER four weeks. But that’s still frequent for me. Continue reading

Happy New Year! I actually liked books in 2018 and here’s the proof

Here’s a confession that has nothing to do with this post: Nearly every single time I write anything or introduce myself in a bookish setting in any way, I am overwhelmingly tempted to write/say-sing “Hey what’s up hello myyyy name is Emma and today we’re talking about dinosaurs/writing about my undying affection for that picture of Orlando Bloom riding a bike with his dog in a DIY Baby Björn/thinking about the 80 cookies I baked that are sitting downstairs/stressing about volcanos that are past due to explode,” like Emma Books who I think might have an excess of Ms in her username and also is constantly totally irrevocably messing up my SEO.

Anyway, in this case I’d conclude that catchphrase-stealing with “wrapping up the year on a rare positive note.” Woo! Continue reading

November Wrap-Up: I’m dying, but it’s fine


Just feet away from me is a fun taped-up piece of wall art with the very fun title “DECEMBER DUE DATES” written in deceptively pretty blue-gray marker. Open in other windows on my laptop I have three papers, a presentation and a massive final project. Also my water bottle is empty and I’m kind of thirsty. And could do with a mandarin orange.

Basically I’m being pulled in 100 different equally important directions and I should go to one of them. But I started doing this instead, so. Continue reading