Christmasy Books: A Christmas Carol, Twelve Days of Dash and Lily, & What Light Reviews

Tis the season! What, you say? It’s not the season? In fact, it’s about a month out? I know. I’m sorry. But I’m still trying to do group reviews in order to pretend I can ever catch up on posting here and it just made sense to do a Christmas post. So here we are.

There are three books here (A Christmas Carol, The Twelve Days of Dash and Lily, What Light) and in classic Emma fashion, I didn’t like two of them and did like one. (Feels like I’m constantly working at that ratio lately.) I know probably no one is interested in this – I mean, a collection of reviews AND a post that is entirely out of season? I’m asking for it. But can you pretend maybe? For my fragile ego? Thanks guys.

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