April Wrap-Up: Everything’s coming up apocalypse

The world is so awful right now.

Basic human rights: Being stripped. Really cute Easter-related items like pastel candy and small stuffed animals shaped like chicks: Were on sale but now impossible to find until next spring. The weather: Weird, for existential environmental reasons, probably.

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April Wrap-Up: I break out of my reading slump + some great reads + 500 followers??

What. A. Month.

Like, we’re, what, a handful of days into May? And my life is already in shambles. I am in full freakout crisis mode. My personal life is in a state of destruction of my own making. Everything is ruined permanently and I cannot fix it.

April, on the other hand? All I had to worry about was my looming demise at the hands of finals, plus how I was going to make it through the ceiling as my quality of life continued to rise, without regard to manmade structures, toward the atmosphere. (Again: before I ruined everything, as I tend to do.) Continue reading