3 Quotes, 3 Days Tag – Day 3: The much anticipated conclusion

Anticipated because you guys can’t wait to see what my third and final quote will be, or anticipated because finally I’ll stop being in your feed on a daily basis? Dunno! You decide.

Catch up with this shindig via my day one post and my day two post.

I am actually doing this! I am actually posting three times in three days, following the tag instructions, actually doing a tag, making cute(ish) graphics – the whole nine! It’s almost like I’m a real blogger or something.

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3 Quotes, 3 Days Tag – Day 2: I’m doing it! I’m really doing it!

Catch up on this ol’ thing with my post from yesterday.

Can you believe I just said (okay, wrote) the words “my post from yesterday”??? I’m here two days in a row!!! I don’t think that has ever happened! Ever!

This is technically a book blog, but really it’s more a “let’s watch Emma be endlessly impressed with herself for accomplishing the most basic of tasks” blog. Definitely fewer topics to cover, but arguably more fun.

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3 Quotes, 3 Days Tag – Day 1: Combining two things I love

The aforementioned two things I love: quotes, and short easy posts.

Probably just kidding on the “short” part. If I loved short posts, maybe I would write one once in a while???

I was tagged to do this by Angelica @ The Book Cover Girl and Rhea @ Bookchanted. Both of them are extremely great and you should check them out, but, as always, please like this post before you go so I can get that sweet sweet ego boost thank you SO much.


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