Guess who’s back? (back again)

Talk about an unintentional hiatus, am I right!!!!

Sorry about that, you guys. This is going to come with the territory of following me on any social media. Sometimes I deign to drop off the face of the earth for a couple weeks without warning. I’m not a missing person.

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The Trump presidency is bad. Here’s 175 articles to prove it.

Hey guys. So I’m probably not the only one who’sΒ been feeling a bit useless since November 9. In an attempt to feel like I was doing something (however silly), I’ve been collecting articles of the potentially world-ending or at least deeply disturbing events that have taken place since Trump was elected. There are 175 of them…and I know I missed some. Simply put, it’s becoming a full-time job to gather these articles. But I didn’t want to just put this collection in a proverbial drawer. So…here it is. For your reading pleasure. I call it:

Ode to the Destruction of a Democracy

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coming soon!

i’m planning on launching this blog in conjunction with my departure to college, so check back in at the end of august or start of september! fingers crossed i follow through.

until then, see you on instagram!