The best thing ever in the history of the world: Books and free stuff and winning, oh my

Greetings, loved ones. (Please read in the voice from the beginning of the Katy Perry song California Girls, without thinking I enjoy either that song or the musician Katy Perry.)

I have been gone for a while, and for that I am sorry. If you are my friend on Goodreads you know I am having a bit of a strange time right now (shoutout to my attention seeking status updates am I right ladies??). But I am movin’ up and movin’ on and I have VERY EXCITING NEWS! Continue reading

So I took a weird hiatus

Why does the title of this sound like the worst installment of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie of all time.

Okay, so. Here we are. Three weeks to the day from my last post, which was a February wrap up containing a VERY optimistic outlook on March. Dare I say a positivity that was off brand for me!!!

Perhaps this is my punishment.

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Like a reading slump, but with, you know, everything

Hellooooooo outttttt thereeeeeeee.

This is probably going to be a really personal post? And, like, my entire body is revolting. Picture me trying to write this post except my fingers are tryna crank out one star reviews of their own volition. WHY AM I NOT STICKING TO WHAT I KNOW. How dare I disrespect my own carefully-cultivated brand like this.

Who knowsssss where this is going to go. But, like, not a good sign that I’m already trying to fill space by typing the same letter a bunch of times. Or timesssssssss, I should say.

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The Trump presidency is bad. Here’s 175 articles to prove it.

Hey guys. So I’m probably not the only one who’s been feeling a bit useless since November 9. In an attempt to feel like I was doing something (however silly), I’ve been collecting articles of the potentially world-ending or at least deeply disturbing events that have taken place since Trump was elected. There are 175 of them…and I know I missed some. Simply put, it’s becoming a full-time job to gather these articles. But I didn’t want to just put this collection in a proverbial drawer. So…here it is. For your reading pleasure. I call it:

Ode to the Destruction of a Democracy

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coming soon!

i’m planning on launching this blog in conjunction with my departure to college, so check back in at the end of august or start of september! fingers crossed i follow through.

until then, see you on instagram!