The Mystery Blogger Award: I hope this has something to do with spies. Or detectives!

Spies and detectives are both very cool and good things, and also two career paths I’m keeping on the back burner in case this whole English major thing doesn’t work out. And honestly how could it?

Fingers crossed this award is something that will look good on my spy-and-detective job applications.

I was nominated by Brittany @ Bookworm Brittany, Rachael @ Beach Bookworm, Georgiana @ Readers’ High Tea, and Fashion & Fiction, as recently as yesterday and as long ago as last September.

Pretty classic.

Click the links above to check out their fantastic posts!! Thanks gang.

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Mystery Blogger Award1

This is a fancy schmancy tag with, like, a mission statement. So:

What is the Mystery Blogger Award?

“The Mystery Blogger Award is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion.”

Created by Okoto Enigma’s Blog. Which is cool. Y’know, like, enigma? Mystery? Nice. That blogger created a brand and stuck to it. We should all be so dedicated.

The Rules

  • Put the award logo/image on your blog
  • List the rules.
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself
  • You have to nominate 10 – 20 people
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog
  • Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify)
  • Share a link to your best post(s)

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three things about me

1. I have a really terrible caffeine addiction and once drank nine cups of coffee in a single day by accident. It is the closest I have ever come to death, and also the closest I have ever come to an x-ray vision type superpower.

2. I’m a big comedy nerd, which is a very off-putting and pretentious way of saying I watch comedy TV shows and listen to comedy podcasts and follow comedy Twitter accounts but also feel better than everyone else while I’m doing it.

3. Currently I’m thinking about chicken dumplings and scallion pancakes, because I’m going out to dinner tonight and that’s sure as hell what I’m going to order. (Note: I wrote that literally one (1) week ago. It took me this long to finish and post this. Nice.)

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Brittany’s Questions (x)

what made you want to start your blog?

I honestly just used it as a dumping ground for reviews I’d already written on Goodreads. Just seemed like a lot of people had blogs, so. Blogs.

Also you know Thing About Me Number 3 is true because “dumping ground” made me think of “dumpling ground.” Yum.

if you were deserted on an island, what three items would you want to have with you?

Oh god. A will to live? I would give up instantly. Desert me on an island and step one for me will be laying down on the sand and waiting for death.

I would want:

  • the book Island of the Blue Dolphins, which I would use for both a survival guide and entertainment (that book is good as hell you guys)
  • a water purifier, because I drink hella water and will get dehydrated after 15 warmish minutes
  • my roommate and I once tried to make rice krispie treats, but the only grocery store by our apartment is a Whole Foods, so we had to use brown rice cereal and these funky organic marshmallows, and the only pan we had was a Bundt pan we found on the street, so it ended up being this donut-shaped brick of marshmallow weirdness. But it was pretty good and so filling that if I brought it with me to a desert island, I could live off it for months.

do you like to read books? if so, what’s your favorite genre?

No. As it turns out, all the snarky commenters on my one-star rant reviews were right all along. Clearly I hate reading and should just stop doing it.

Jk jk jk jk. But I do not know about my favorite genre. I read contemporary most. I like classics the most often, but YA is where it’s at. Magical realism is my sh*t, unless it’s bad. WHO CAN SAY.

if you had to give advice to new bloggers who have similar content to yours, what would it be?

First, STOP BEING BAD AT BLOGGING. (Get it? Because if their content is similar to mine then it’s bad? Nailed it.)

Honestly it’s the same as everyone’s, which is interact with other bloggers!! It’s fun AND mutually beneficial. My fav combo.

what makes you happy?

Nothing, I am darkness, I am the void, joy dies when it meets me, my soul is a tornado of burnt toast and buttered popcorn jelly beans, blah blah blah.

Actually recentlyish (mid-emotional crisis, actually) I made a very long list of things that make me happy! It’s cheesy af but I think things like that can be helpful sometimes. Here it is if you care!! (Super fair if you don’t.)

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Rachael’s Questions (x)

if you had a million dollars, what would you spend it on?

I’d pay off my student loans and the rest of my college, and I’d spend the remaining $9 on a Chipotle burrito bowl. (Brown rice, chicken, little bit of black beans, fajita veggies, pico, lettuce, cheese, in case you were wondering.)

Just kidding I’d have a little money extra and I’d save it allll!!! (Minus that $9.)

what hyped book do you hate/dislike?

Ugh. So many.

But I just got an angry comment on my A Court of Wings and Ruin one-star review so let’s go with that.

what is your worst and best trait?

Yiiiiiikes. Introspection central!! Hard to pick which of these is making me more uncomfortable to think about!!!!

My least favorite trait of myself is that I get really in my own head and overanalyze everything, which leads me to make Mistakes™ and also really make myself suffer over little things I never stop thinking about for a hundred thousand infinity years!!!

But at least I think I’m funny sometimes?

Yikes times a bajillion.

what is the most interesting thing you’ve read this week?

I am completely addicted to The Cut right now. Just nonstop reading celebrity gossip. Also this article about a SCAMMER was FANTASTIC and I will ONLY be consuming SCAMMER-RELATED CONTENT for the REST of TIME thanks.

if you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?

Well, I would say “an Ocean’s Eight-style heist, not to be confused with an Ocean’s Eleven-style heist, because this would be a powerful group of beautiful smart women rather than, like, Matt Damon, but George Clooney is still invited if he’s available and can bring Amal.”

But also not that, because of course I wouldn’t get caught.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 1.51.59 PM

Georgiana’s Questions (x)

why did you start blogging?

Answered this one up top!!

what motivates you to keep writing on your blog?

I don’t always like doing it, but sometimes I do?? So when I feel like doing it…I do it. And then other times I don’t.

Also I like interacting with the community most all the time?? So. Good motivator.

what are your favorite kind of blog posts to write?

Probably tags like this because I love talking about myself more than anything so questions like this are easy af to answer!

But I also like writing wrap-ups. Anything that follows a structure. Please make this easier for me I am so uncreative help.

what is your least favorite book genre?

It’s always so hard to pick a least favorite of anything. God I hate so much on this earth. Oh boy. Um.

Paranormal romance is most always unpleasant, in my experience.

what are your top three holiday destinations?


Well honestly like every impoverished college student I want to go everywhere, and I’ve only been to the U.S. (for like 20 years my god enough already, me), Canada, France, and Vietnam. But my top three??? AH.

I really want to go to Austria, and Thailand, and Iceland. And everywhere in Europe and Asia and Africa and South America and okay now I’m just listing continents.

And also truly back to France and Vietnam because those places are the sh*t.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 1.51.59 PM

Fashion & Fiction’s Questions (x)

what genre(s) of books are you most interested in?


I was going to say just look earlier in the post where I answer the good ol’ favorite-genre question, but this is sliiiiightly different. Just different enough that I’m like…should I write another answer?

Don’t ever say I don’t do anything for you guys, and also I am still so obsessed with that micro-genre of feminist books that anthologize women from history who are under-discussed and -appreciated and also they have beautiful illustrations.

Surprisingly widespread thing!

how would you describe your own style/fashion?

“Clothing I’ve had for, like, six-plus years or, if purchased in the last two years, was on like 80% off clearance and is probably a sundress.”

Also: comfy.

what’s the most uncomfortable or out-of-comfort-zone thing you’ve ever done?

Uhhh. I’m scared of heights, I’m a picky eater, and my natural inclination is not to do anything ever and just slowly become a voluntary bubble girl in my own room until I can never ever leave.

So pick any tall thing I’ve been on, weird food I’ve ingested, or activity I’ve successfully participated in and you’ve got an answer.

who’s your favorite villain?

Image result for michael b jordan black pantherI don’t know if this is my real favorite but right now I’m thinking about Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther and once you’ve started thinking about Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther can you ever really stop thinking about Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther?

I don’t think so.

Let’s all just take a moment to gaze at him, shall we?

(I just watched so many gifs of the part where he takes his shirt off. FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES. Obviously.)

if you could live in a fictional world, which would it be?

I did a big ass post on my favorite settings, but the answer is truly obvious if we’re being real. It’s Wonderland. Gotta stick to my roots.

But also I reallyyyy wouldn’t object to living in le Cirque des Rêves. Or any of the other places in the comical number I listed.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 1.51.59 PM

My Best Posts

Ugh this is the worstttt I hate praising myself. I am self-obsessed in the specific way in which I could talk about myself for a thousand years in this specific setting and that should NOT be confused with self-confidence my dear boy!!

Whatever. Here, have some links, you harpies.




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Nominations & Questions

I do not take well to being told what to do, and there is something just v bossy about the you HAVE to nominate 10-20 people rule that I am not looking upon kindly I’ll tell you that.


I’ll ask five questions though. I’m not a barbarian.


Destiny @ Howling Libraries

Lily @ Sprinkles of Dreams

May @ My 1st Chapter (a girl can dream)

May @ Forever & Everly

Elise @ The Bookish Actress

As always I know I’m forgetting people (this time I’m only doing 5 so cut me some slack) and if any of you chosen ones don’t wanna do it I’ll forgive you. Eventually. I guess. After years of work and grudge-holding.


1. You’re Swiffer-dusting an old lamp when a genie pops out. He’ll grant you a wish, but his powers are limited (he’s been in that lamp a long time!) so you have to pick one from a list. What would you wish for, of the following?: a) you are the literal champion of the world at making boxed mac and cheese – no one can do it better than you; b) you can see the future, but only through the eyes of celebrity chef Guy Fieri; or c) you’ll never lose a sock to the laundry again?

2. What food do you wish you were eating right now?? (No cop outs.)

3. Would you rather be a spy or a detective?

4. What’s a book on your TBR you think you’ll five star?

5. Which would win in a battle of who is coolest: a mermaid, a witch, a fairy, a queen, a werewolf, or former SNL cast member and current star of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Andy Samberg?

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 1.51.59 PM

I did it!

Another thing I did is “take an unintentional hiatus again, pretty classic, when will you stop being so bad at this Emma,” and I’m SO SORRY. I’m going to try to catch up on all the things I’ve been tagged in/comments I’ve been pinged on/etc etc, but…

If you could bring my attention to anything I missed in my regrettable absence that would be faaaaantastic thank you!

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 11.25.22 AM

Do you have an idea of your three best posts? Link them! Would you rather be a spy or a detective?

42 thoughts on “The Mystery Blogger Award: I hope this has something to do with spies. Or detectives!

  1. Gerry@TheBookNookUK says:

    So I actually really enjoyed your ranty post on ACOWAR and am mildly desperate for you to read A Court of Frost and Starlight just because I think I’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of reading your anger-rant afterwards! Part of *me* wants to read ACOFAS simply so I can rage review as they are the most fun.

    I really enjoyed this post and everyone should be thinking of Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther at all times.

    Liked by 1 person

    • emmareadstoomuch says:

      i did say i was done with sjm but i would get some kind of satisfaction out of roasting her up again…maybe i’ll grab acofas from the library or something so i’m not giving her any $$$.

      THANK YOU everyone should have at least one (1) michael b jordan in black panther thought per day

      Liked by 1 person

      • Gerry@TheBookNookUK says:

        I borrowed a friends copies of her previous three and refrained from being vocal on my opinions because she was a fan but I was glad she leant them to me because there is no way that I would have wanted to spend money on them. Do it! I thoroughly encourage your misery in the pursuit of my entertainment!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Mel says:

    I also love writing tag and wrap-up posts! I don’t know why I enjoy wrap-ups so much. Anyway. Now I am also very curious about your review of ACOWAR so I may have to do some investigating and read it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lily @ Sprinkles of Dreams says:

    I feel like my comment disappeared?? But anyway, YOUR GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR MAKES SENSE NOW. And I’m screaming this, because I recently disliked yet another well-loved book with Jane Sinner in the title, which I found the exact opposite of funny.

    :: re: Introspection central :: Join me over @ Introspection city a.k.a. the clouds that are part of my ~aesthetic~. And did I already know that you adore The Night Circus?? THAT BOOK IS GORGEOUS, AM I RIGHT. A re-read is in order, moi is thinking.

    Do I need to watch Black Panther? Read Blue Dolphins? Do I have the time? Should I re-prioritize my life? (So many Qs your post is bringing up!!)

    PS. I’m not crying about the fact that you nominated me at all. But honestly, I am so touched (!!!), love ya heaps (more than Andy Samberg … jk. But close. If close equals lightyears). ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • emmareadstoomuch says:

      okay so like. the thing about me & the night circus is that i lovelovelove the setting more than anything and full-on hate everything else about it. I’M SORRY. but just like. insta love. comma splices. it’s a lot to take in. STILL THO THE SETTING ALMOST MAKES UP FOR IT. almost.

      you literally have to watch black panther like that’s not even a question. not even just for michael b jordan but b/c it’s an incredible feat of cinema

      YOU’RE A FAV OBVIOUSLY I NOMINATED YOU. even though you just did a mystery blogger post that i did not see because i am a fool.

      are my feelings hurt that i am not even close to andy samberg levels of love? sure. but also i understand


  4. libby @ dimscreen says:

    I haven’t thought about Island of Blue Dolphins in so long! You got me nostalgic af so quick into this post!

    I’d love to go to Australia as well, it’s been my dream for so long. One day I’ll make it there.

    It was such a joy reading through your many questions and answers! I loved getting to know you a little bit better. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the award 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Destiny @ Howling Libraries says:

    Thank youuuuuu! I love reading your awards. Like, I love ALL of your content, but no lie, your award posts are probably my #1 fave things you post because your answers always wreck my shit?? Like, now I’m thinking about Michael B. Jordan, and also YES to this:

    “that micro-genre of feminist books that anthologize women from history”

    And also, THANK YOU for letting me know I’m not the only one who lets award nominations sit for several months before doing them?? #blessed honestly ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    • emmareadstoomuch says:

      THANK YOU god ilysm

      yes to michael b jordan!! yes to feminist books!! & honestly yes to letting award nominations sit for months and months before getting to them b/c god i don’t get how people get tagged in something and then complete it in like 3-5 business days

      Liked by 1 person

  6. shai @ cadeunderbooks says:

    I snorted a lot reading this (snort-laughed I should say). Loved your answers, you funny bean you! Island of the Blue Dolphins, such a gorgeous story and the edition I have has beautiful illustrations in it.

    Also Michael B. Jordan *swoon* I’ve loved him since Chronicle and honestly he should be in everything. He’s amazing.

    ANDY SAMBERG is the literal best hooman 😀 loved that question lol. And I heart Brooklyn 99 with the entirety of my being. That show has no chill and everyone is a family and I just appreciate the writing and the topics addressed so well and Rosa Diaz and Amy Santiago are icons and so is Captain Holt and Jake and Terry and YEAH EVERYONE HUGS all around NINE NINE!

    Liked by 1 person

    • emmareadstoomuch says:

      omg now i’m so jealous of you for having an illustrated island of the blue dolphins!! everyone giving that book some well-deserved love in the comments is making me want to reread it Badly.

      i truly have not seen michael b jordan in enough stuff b/c ohmygod him in black panther. a game changer. a LIFE changer.

      i have loved andy samberg with all of my heart since i was 13 years old and i will never turn back. he is FANTASTIC. i started b99 recently and i am already on season 3 and loving it!!! so glad nbc saved it yay yay

      AH thank you so much you are way too kind ❤ ❤ ❤


  7. TheReadersBay says:

    I read the arrested without any explanation answer like three times, all in different style imagining how you were saying it. HAHAHA I’M LAUGHING SO HARD GOSH NEVER KNEW RAEDING BLOGGER AWARDS ANSWERS COULD ALSO BE FUN????

    And advice to new bloggers? HAHAHA. If you remember (which you probably don’t bec you didn’t even know me back then) you were the first ever person who’s blog i commented on and told ya that I had hidden my blog bec well i was scared??? and you were like hey, no this community is amazing and you should make it public and what not and you answered all my questions and damn, you give yourself less credit than u deserve. ❤

    (P.s your "classics" tag isn't leading anywhere, and the page could not be check up on that)

    Liked by 1 person

    • emmareadstoomuch says:

      omg THANK YOU i’m in the early stages of planning my ocean’s 8 style heist as we speak. george clooney proving hard to get a hold of

      omg omg omg omg omg i didn’t remember that at all my heart is so warmed ❤ i'm so glad you made your blog public then b/c your posts are so fantastic!!!

      ILYSM and i will check on the classics link ty ty

      Liked by 1 person

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