New year, new me: I’m sunshiney now so here are Sunshine Blogger Awards 4, 5 & 6

What if I just, like, suddenly became all happy-happy-joy-joy? It’s 2018, guys. What if I forcibly changed my brand from “unfunny but tries hard/hates everything she reads/really fake cocky” to “nice”?

At least then I would understand the Sunshine Blogger Award nominations. Maybe they’re so named not because I’m a ray of sunshine (ha) but because the attention warms my very soul (like the sun warms the earth)? Because it expands my ego (like the heat of the sun expands metal? maybe? #science)?

I don’t know. I just don’t.

So a ways back, I did a Sunshine Blogger Award post wherein I (finally) did, like, a million overdue nominations. Actually three. But it felt like a lot because I get stressed easily and #pressure and  you know what, I DON’T NEED TO EXPLAIN MYSELF.

The whole I’m-nice-and-sunshiney-now thing is going really well.

Now I’m doing three more! I was tagged by three lovely individuals (Destiny, the object of my obsession; Elise, one of an exclusive group of three people I love enough to use Kik for; and Lacy, with whom being in a mutual is an actual gift from the gods). You should follow all of them immediately.

Let’s get this started. You have a lot of me to deal with in this post already.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 8.43.12 PM

Nominated by Howling Libraries

1. Who are your top three musical artists right now?

As I mentioned in my 2017 wrap-up, my musical taste can either be called “weird,” “eclectic,” or “nonexistent.” I feel like all three are entirely fair.

I always love Vampire Weekend (alwayshavealwayswill even though it’s been 5 years since their last album and Rostam left the band whatever it’s fine I’m fine). I’m also very into Alvvays and Lorde right now. Yay music!!!

2. What bookish character do you find to be most overrated?

Oh my god. Like, all of them? I am so picky with my characters it’s insane. Actually, clinically insane. As in, something is definitely wrong.

But I will say I’ve never understood the appeal of Will Herondale. Why is he everybody’s literary MCM??? Who wants to be with someone that goddamn dramatic???? He’s a total dick but it’s fine because tragic backstory???????


3. What bookish world would you NOT want to be teleported into?

I am a massive scaredy cat and incredibly physically weak, so most of them.

For non-weakness-related reasons, though, I’d rather die than live in the world from The Selection. Because I would die if I lived there, probably. Not from rebel attack or corrupt government, or whatever puts one’s life at risk in dystopian America, but out of sheer annoyance.

My own irritation would kill me!

4. What character’s special power do you wish you had?

This is making me realize how infrequently I read fantasy. Or at least fantasy wherein people have special powers, rather than generalized ones. As in, “magic,” generally.

Oh my god. Wait. This is going to be the worst answer of all time…but I wish I had Edward Cullen’s mind-reading schtick from Twilight. I WANNA READ PEOPLE’S MINDS OKAY? Leave the sexy blood sucking and the shirtless meadow sparkling at the door.

5. What was the last book to make you cry?


I don’t cry at books. Almost ever. Because I don’t cry generally if I can help it. I cried at Everything is Illuminated but that was like two years ago.

I almost cried at The Love That Split the World, which I just read a couple days ago. If anyone can somehow set up a friendship date with Emily Henry and myself, PLEASE DO.

6. Do you prefer ARCs or finished copies, and why?

Finished copies baby!!!! The fun thing about reviewing and blogging and book-related posting and what not is book DISCUSSION. So why would I wanna post about a book when no one can talk about it with me???

Other than to go mad with power.

7. Shoutout 3 blogs you think more people should know about!

Definitely the three that tagged me in this because they are three of my ABSOLUTE FAVES. but also May, May, and Emma (not me Emma, which would be insane even for me, but my name twin Emma, who is the better Emma).

The two Mays are the other two people in the elite squad of people I Kik message, so you know they’re important.

8. Do you follow any non-bookish blogs (makeup, movies, etc.), and if so, what kinds?

I do not.

That was really anticlimactic, and for that I apologize.

9. Do you have any phobias?

I am not a huge fan of heights, but I would not call it a phobia. Mainly because I like to pretend I’m fine and really brave and not scared of anything at all. It’s fine I’m fine I’m cool I’m good.


10. What is your favorite animated film?


The book is amazing, and the movie is almost as good. Wow. I get happy just thinking about it.

Dare I say….sunshiney?

11. Who was your biggest childhood crush?

My first ever, and therefore potentially most significant, crush was on John Travolta as Danny Zuko in Grease. Kind of weird for an elementary schooler, but he was sort of a babe so not astonishing.

Then I watched Hairspray with my family, and my mother informed me, well-meaningly, that Tina’s mom was John Travolta, the very same man who played Danny Zuko in Grease.

This moment of trauma can probably explain most of my emotional instability.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 8.43.52 PM

Nominated by The Bookish Actress

1. A book you love from a genre you don’t read?

AHHH this is such a good question and I’m so scared that I don’t have an answer to it.

I try to not NOT read any genre………but I guess I don’t read much sci-fi? And yet I f*ckin’ love Ready Player One, as literally everyone must know by now.

But I’m still not, like, obsessed with the idea of getting into sci-fi. Non, merci.

2. Favorite Netflix Original series?


I love Stranger Things. I like Making a Murderer. I love Dear White People. I love The Keepers. I love Love. I love Big Mouth. I LOVE Mindhunter. I love Arrested Development (although, granted, not really the Netflix season). I love BoJack Horseman. I love the first season of Lovesick. I LOVE MASTER OF NONE!!!!!

But in the end, the favorite is clear: A Series of Unfortunate Events. It’s an easy win. (Almost easy. Master of None is so close it pains me).


3. Most anticipated debuts?

Okay honestly….I almost never anticipate books. Unless they are a) a sequel or b) written by ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE AUTHORS, I will have absolutely no idea it’s coming out.

Ooh! I am really anticipating A Thousand Perfect Notes, the first published book by Cait “Queen of Blogging” Paper Fury!!!

4. A few series you’re not sure about continuing?

I am, as I have often said, a glutton for punishment. I stick with authors I consistently dislike; I read hyped books I’m not sure I’m interested in; and I especially stick with series even if I KNOW it won’t go well.

I am not sure whether I’m going to continue with Caraval, because I literally hated everything about that book and put it on my worst books of 2017 list, but I’m a pushover and if people seem to like it then I want to bandwagon!!!

5. Best format for book-to-screen adaptations?

TV SERIES FOR SURE. I’ve ranted enough about A Series of Unfortunate Events in this post alone, but ohmygod seriously read the books and then watch the Netflix show you’ll be so so so so pleased you did.

The movie adaptation does not even EXIST to me.

6. Character you like that everyone hates?

I thought this was going to be hard but actually no, it is extremely easy, it involves a character love by which I define my own identity, everything about me comes second to this particular opinion! Pleasant surprise: my unpopular opinions go both ways.

I f*cking love Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby and I simply refuse to apologize for it. In fact, I wrote approximately 7 pages on why I’m right and you’re all wrong.

7. Villain that deserves redemption?

I don’t want any villain to get redemption. Redemption would mean that they’re good now, and that’s boring. I love villains and I want everyone to be evil forever.

It’s more fun that way.

For example: I just read The School for Good and Evil, and I spent the entire book crossing my fingers that one character would just embrace her wickedness already. No redemption forever!!!!

8. Fave noncanon ship?

I rarely ship people, and when I do it takes the force of hundreds of pages of banter and steamy eye contact to get me there. Those two things usually -> ship becoming canon.

I will say that my Harry Potter ships are almost entirely noncanon and it BREAKS MY HEART. I am so much better than JK Rowling in every way at pairing characters, honestly.

How long do you think I can openly hate on ol’ Joanne before someone snitches?

9. Favorite snack?

As many of you may know, I sustain myself upon sweets. I eat as few actual foodstuffs as possible and attempt to subsist as close to solely to desserts as I can. My favorite snack is cookies, my favorite meal is cookies, and my favorite dessert is cookies.

I am as physically healthy as I am mentally.

10. Underrated fave booktuber?

I don’t really watch BookTube. When I do, I pretty much only watch ReadByZoe or BlueEyedBiblio.

They are both full-on adorable and I highly recommend them, if you’re into that sort of thing.

11. Delightfully evil villain?

Elise you and your villains!!! Très relatable. I love it.

The only villain who has ever met my incredibly high standards for villain-ry (based on a rubric graded on wickedness, evil, coolness, and overall je-ne-sais-quoi aesthetic) is Piper from Blue Lily, Lily Blue.

Who is surprised? No one should be. That book is amazing and perfect in every way.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 8.44.16 PM

Nominated by A Ravenclaw Library

1. That one series you hate to love?

I reread the first two books of the Vampire Academy series recently, and I am ASTOUNDED to find that I still enjoy them. They’re fun! Sue me!

But like…since when do I like high school drama? Since when do I like vampires?

Cue existential crisis.

2. Do you read fanfiction?

I do not. For me, the concept of fanfiction is inextricable from justinbieber- and/or and I have no association of it with books at all.

Straight up the closest I’ve come to YA fanfiction is reading Fangirl and Carry On by Rainbow Rowell.

3. What is one character you think would be cool to have in another book that isn’t their own?

I love characters so infrequently that I kind of just want them to populate every book. Maybe I would like more books if they only contained characters written by Emily Henry. (Have I mentioned that I love Emily Henry?)

I do think specifically it’d be fun if Gansey from The Raven Cycle was in, like, every book I’ve ever read. BECAUSE I LOVE HIM.

4. What is one book you are proud to like even though it’s bashed on?

As previously discovered within this very post: my unpopular opinions work both ways. Sometimes I like really hated books.

The Invoice, one of my 2016 faves, is one example. The Love That Split the World, which I just finished, is another! I do not understand how people dislike these books!!!

…Is this how people feel when reading my hate reviews of well liked books?

Watch as I learn how to empathize in real time. I am, emotionally, a toddler. And in eating habits.

5. Favorite youtuber that isn’t a booktuber?

Easy, because, as previously mentioned, I don’t really watch BookTube!!!

I love Drew Monson, Chris Fleming, and Conner O’Malley (not really a YouTuber but god I do love his channel). Bo Burnham, my first favorite comedian both in timeline and in significance, started out on YouTube so let’s count him too.

If you guys didn’t realize how f*cked my sense of humor is based on my terrible jokes, you’re about to realize by my taste in video influencers baby!!!

What if I just said, like, Justin Bieber. He started on there, so he counts. And if we time-traveled back to 2011 that’d be the answer in my heart.

6. What’s one genre you didn’t think you would like that you ended up liking?

I am going to say something that will, inevitably, sound hardcore pretentious: ~I try not to limit my reading by genre.~

Ugh. Slimy, right? I warned you.

But I did start out hating magical realism and it has become pretty much my favorite genre. WHEN IT’S DONE RIGHT! And it’s often not. For me at least.

See: me mentioning my tendency toward unpopular opinions 2,000 times within this post.

7. What is something else, besides reading, that you like to do?

When people ask me this question I sound like a hormonal seventh grader introducing himself to his summer day camp group – the one he didn’t even want to attend in the first place, MOM!!!

Like, “Uh, hey. I’m Aydynn. I’m 12. I like to hang out with friends and watch TV. Or, like, do homework I guess. I dunno.

Me and Aydynn are endlessly interesting and nuanced.

8. You only get to take one book with you on a trip, what is it?

Here it is. The inevitable response, the consistent namedrop, the answer that will surprise no one.

Did you think I’d DARE let a tag go by without mentioning Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland??? If you did, you thought incorrectly, my friend.

It’s pretty in pictures (can’t ever forget bookstagram my friend), I can bring small and therefore portable versions, and I never get tired of reading it. A classic win/win/win.

9. What do you collect? Besides books of course.

Literally nothing. Nothing physical, that is. I guess I could say something cheesy, like favorite quotes. Or concerning. (Mental breakdowns; anxiety-inducing memories to replay before I fall asleep; etc.)

Isn’t this fun???

10. Do you use bookmarks on your books?

I use receipts, scraps of paper I’ve written on, my phone, and writing utensils. I’ve used a pair of scissors, the corner of my blanket, and other books. I flip them over and leave them open or leave my hand between the pages constantly.

I almost never use bookmarks.

11. Ebook or physical?


Although I did have a weird couple months in the fall semester when I could only finish a book if I was reading it on my laptop. But it’s winter break and let’s not talk about gross things like school.



I’m not nominating anyone this time, because by my next Sunshine Blogger Award post I should be up to date, and I’m doing a MASSIVE NOMINATION THEN.

Like…all of you are getting nominated. Straight up everyone. BECAUSE YOU’RE ALL RAYS OF SUNSHINE TO ME.

I am also, as mentioned, really good at keeping my blog-related promises, so this is sure to go super well.

31 thoughts on “New year, new me: I’m sunshiney now so here are Sunshine Blogger Awards 4, 5 & 6

  1. meltotheany says:

    I love all three of these people, and this entire post, and your bookshelves still give me ALL THE FEELS! I hope you’re having an amazing new year, and I hope it’s filled with all the love, happiness, and good books, Emma! ❤ xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Emma says:

    omg, i just read this and saw that you named me as an underrated blogger and now i’m here with heart eyes and feels and jsysbsthdggdudndfhsudfsbducncujf oh my god, i’m touched.

    YOU’RE THE BEST OKAY I LOVE YOU. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    OMG I’M SO HAPPY YOU MENTIONED MY BOOK I FEEL SO HONOURED AND MIGHT JUST RUSH OVER HERE AND GIVE YOU CAKE. ❤ Also this whole post is so freaking fantastic! I totally love Stranger Things and ASOUE (omggg March come faster) and i also agree about Will Herondale. I actually felt the "reveal" about his backstory was hilarious and not tragic at all?! Like, yeah dude you majorly overreacted. 😂 Basically I do love Shadowhunters but that trilogy was my least favourite. (Charlotte was the true star.😂) And GANSEY IS THE KING AND I WANT 52 MORE BOOKS ABOUT HIM.

    Also agree about the JK Rowling ships.😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • emmareadstoomuch says:


      ugh hell yes gansey!!! i am so bad w/ cassandra clare but i’m going to try reading lady midnight out of nowhere just based on reading a what-you-need-to-know-to-read-lady-midnight post…wish me luck??? #irresponsible reading


  4. aravenclawlibrary says:

    You are too kind, Em! I loooooved your answers! And I am so heckin’ jealous of your bookshelf!
    You mentioning Alice in Wonderland has made me remember that I have it and I really should get a start on it. lol. So many books to read!

    Liked by 1 person

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