It’s My Birthday! + Seven Days of Us Blog Tour

Yes, you read that correctly. Truly exciting stuff. I have left my teenage years behind me. All that youthful charm is gone now; I am a wizened, bitter twenty-year-old with bad circulation and a cookie addiction.

So basically, yes, nothing has changed but the number of years, but today I am twenty you guys!!

What I will be doing (hopefully – I’m scheduling this post due to blind optimism that I’ll be too busy on the day itself) is studying for the two (2) midterms I have in the two (2) days following my birthday, this day of all days, this national holiday. Hopefully also I will have a fun dinner with some of my favorite people! Hopefully I will be lauded with attention online (my greatest wish, as you all know)! Hopefully I will not be crushed by the weight of the pressure of midterms in classes with very few other grades!

These are all, except the last one, semi-rational wishes. But if I had an irrational wish, it would, perhaps, be for it to be CHRISTMASTIME. (The best time of the year!) (I pray that you read that in the falsetto sing-song of Tom and Donna of Parks & Recreation fame on Treat Yo Self Day. If you did not, you simply didn’t get the full effect.)

Halloween can be wiped right off the map for all I care. (I no longer reap the benefits of free candy and thus cannot be bothered.) Christmas is the only holiday that matters and I am waiting for December 1 like I’ve been told that’s the day I can finally buy books again. (That day may never come – I cannot stress enough the direness of my financial situation.)

But until I am able to somehow move Christmas to October, or my birthday to December, or combine the months of October and December into one super-month, this wish does not seem viable. Here is the next best thing: A BOOK ABOUT CHRISTMAS I CAN BLOG ABOUT ON MY BIRTHDAY!

The book is Seven Days of Us and the day is Today.

IF IT GETS ANY MORE EXCITING THAN THIS I AM CERTAINLY UNAWARE OF IT. And should probably continue to be aware, for the sake of my heart health.

Okay, so. Seven Days of Us is not a perfect book, though it is a Christmas-centered book and that almost makes up for it. It’s pretty chick-lit-y, which means VERY dramatic and Good and fun, but also sometimes very frustrating.

Another thing about chick lit is that I straight up never like any of the characters. Like, ever. And this book is no exception. In this case, I’m kind of iffy on, uh, all of them. Like…why would you act that way. You are an adult, allegedly. I am going to take away your driver’s license and your right to legally drink if you don’t knock that behavior off right quick, Sharon. (Sharon is not a reference to a character but rather a name I like to say due to the fact that it’s fun.)

There’s a loooooot of drama in this book (like, a lot a lot). Normally, you should know by now, I am EXTREMELY into drama due to the fact that, in real life, I am EXTREMELY into drama. However usually family drama is an exception, because I have enough of that in real life (to any family members who may be reading this: just kidding guys!!!) and it’s just full-on stressful. Not fun at all. JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER.

But this is an exception to the exception. Which is to say, very fun.

I am sorry this was a very disorganized review! Chalk it up to birthday excitement. Feel free to simply read the following, follow the corresponding instructions, and be on your merry way. (Get it? Merry? Like Christmas? No? Okay.)



This book is not perfect but it is fun! And – I don’t know if I mentioned this – Christmasy You should try it!!

You should also try liking this. And probably wishing me a happy birthday? It’s just the kind thing to do.

38 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday! + Seven Days of Us Blog Tour

  1. TheReadersBay says:

    Happy 20th Emma! PLEASE DO NOT STAY IN AND READ AND SAY THAT’S THE PERFECT WAY TO SPEND BIRTHDAY, Because uhh no…Go out, dance, paartyyy and have fuuunnn!!! (And then come back here and tell us..maybe?)
    And man, I’ve reached a point in my studies where I just don’t give a shit to grades and GPA anymore…like I’m sooo done ugh just whatever

    Liked by 1 person

    • emmareadstoomuch says:

      i will be actually socializing tonight don’t worry! it’s a bit of a shock but i occasionally will try my hand at having a life beyond books and the internet.

      unfortunately i have not yet reached the don’t-care-anymore point, and thus will not be partying unless your definition of partying includes flashcards

      thank you luv!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sophie @ Blame Chocolate says:

    Happy belated birthday, Emma!! ❤️❤️
    So you don’t like Halloween? But but.. Noooo! xD I love Christmas too but Halloween 😍
    Great review, by the way! It’s fine that it was unorganized, just makes it more personal I think 😀 I used to love chick lit but yeah, there’s always so much drama one kind of gets tired of it. And the characters… Ugh!
    Still, I’m glad you were able to enjoy it somewhat. Christmasy stories are always super cute!

    Liked by 1 person

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