The Book Blogger Insider Tag: More information about me than you ever wanted to know

I imagine that, by now, you’re all sick to death of hearing my self-obsessed tirades about my own life, and therefore it is not very hard to hit the “more-than-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-me” bar. Because we already hit it. Long ago. Probably no one is reading this blog anymore – I’m too scared to look at my stats.

Oh my god, what if I have multiple personalities and those personalities are taking over and are the sole readers of my various social media? AM I COMMENTING ON MY OWN GOODREADS REVIEWS?

Too deep.

May tagged me to do this, and she – quelle surprise – did a really great job or whatever, and her post was really fun or something, and I was like honored I guess to be tagged because I love her blog and she’s really cool I don’t know.

DON’T TELL HER I SAID IT. Her ego will grow way too big and we cannot have that.

But whatever. Check out her post if you want. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it vastly and then become addicted to her page and then forget about me entirely and WHATEVER I DON’T EVEN CARE.




(have I mentioned that I loooove when tags have rules? It makes them seem so STRICT and SERIOUS instead of an excuse for me to talk about myself under the guise of books. So, like every post I make.)

  1. Answer the questions below.
  2. Credit the creator: Jamie from A Little Slice of Jamie (cute name!)
  3. Tag at least five people
  4. Have fun! (Thanks, Jamie)


What a surprise. I can’t even type out the rules for a tag without shutting up for one freaking second. I need an intervention. Please sort that out in the comments, guys. You’ll need an intervention banner, all the love in your hearts, and probably some cookies for me to angrily munch while pretending to pay attention and mainly thinking about, like, when I’m going to finally finish The Raven Cycle or when I’m going to have enough money to buy The Raven King and thus finish The Raven Cycle.

O-kay. Let’s do this now. Finally.

where do you typically write your blog posts?

Does this mean location? Does this mean device? WHAT DOES IT MEAN WHY ARE WE HERE IS THIS BLOG JUST A SHOUT INTO THE ABYSS?

I’ll just answer the first two questions. That seems easiest.

I always write my blog posts on my favorite object one true love only real friend laptop, because I love it and also where else would I write them? My phone? No. Why? How? For what reason?

used to always write my blog posts in my bedroom, but NOW I live in an apartment with two other humans (who are great humans, by the way) like a real adult, and the wifi there is very bad and yesterday I spent over an hour on the phone with a man who gave the has-to-be-fake-name of Alfonso, an individual who works in another country in a call center for the WORST COMPANY IN THE WORLD. I would say Alfonso is my friend now, except I hate him for all that he represents.

What he mainly represents is me being in a coffee shop, mooching Internet and pretending to sip a latte I finished twenty minutes ago.

I am also procrastinating many, many, many homework-related readings.

Does that answer this mysterious question? I honestly don’t know.

Here’s a picture of a book in a restaurant that is not the coffee shop I am currently in. (I don’t want you guys to stalk me, even if this tag promises insider info.) (As if anyone wants to stalk me. Good lord. That would involve so much staking out my apartment, questioning whether I will ever come outside.) (The answer is no, I will not.)


how long does it generally take you to write a book review?


Well, first off, I usually wait one million (1,000,000) days before I write them, because I a) love to procrastinate and b) also love to make the review-writing process difficult for myself by totally forgetting the book before attempting to sum up my feelings on it.

Secondly, this can straight up vary from 15 minutes to a few months. I love writing minis (can you tell by this? Or this?) because they take no time flat and I can be on my merry way to doing more nothing in half an hour or less.

However. Due to my oft-mentioned obsession with myself, as well as the fact that I make EVERYTHING TAKE FOREVER, I sometimes (all the time) write reviews that are, like, 10+ pages long. Like my Gatsby review.  These take HOURS and HOURS and HOURS. My one-star review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has taken me probably 3 hours thus far and may not even be halfway done.

Let us look at Harry Potter threateningly glaring at me from this photo, briefly question what made me the way that I am, and then move on.


when did you start your book blog?

Again, so many answers to this question. And ALL of them reveal just how bad I am at committing to something.

(What, Emma? you say. We had no idea you’re bad at commitment. We totally couldn’t tell by your inability to commit to a posting schedule, even in the dead of summer, even after having this blog for a really freaking long time.)

You guys are full of snark and it needs to stop.

I locked down this sweet domain in some month in 2015. I made my “””first post”””” in August 2016. I started posting “”””regularly”””” in September 2016, and I actually started giving any sort of a sh*t about this thing in probably May 2017.

And here we are. Alive and kicking. If not exactly kicking on anyone’s idea of a schedule.


what is the worst thing about having a book blog, in your opinion?

It can be the most time-consuming thing.

For example.

It’s not hard for me to write reviews, because I never write them new for my blog. (Oops!) It’s as easy as copy-and-paste-and-tag-and-restructure-and-edit-and-remove-GIFs-and-add-featured-image-and-link-to-it-on-each-category-on-my-blog.

That is literally the easiest part of blogging for me.

Doing tags is all new and can take a really long time. But the thing that is the closest to a monster who only eats time, or a vampire except one who sucks time instead of blood, or…I can’t think of a third example, is…


Dun dun dun!

Networking is also very fun, because it mainly involves reading fun posts and talking to your friends, but it can take a really long time. And when it falls by the wayside, you notice the effects RIGHT AWAY. (For example: I haven’t been able to really interact with people’s posts this whole stupid month – crying face – and I’m not only not gaining, but it looks like my stats may be significantly lower this month.)

(I guess I lied earlier when I said I’m too scared to check my stats. But also, wow I wish I hadn’t checked my stats!!!!)

Note to self: continue procrastinating homework and catch up on WordPress feed.

Time to soothe myself with a rainbow.


what is the best thing about having a book blog, in your opinion?

Obviously that it’s one more place for my adoring fans to fawn over me. I love the attention, you guys.

But other than that, the people!

The pals on WordPress are genuinely nice. On Goodreads, I constantly have to take six (6) deep breaths and cry a little bit before opening my notifications, because there is a constant 42% chance that someone has written a mean comment on one of my mean reviews (and how dare they). But that straight up never happens here.

Also I love talking to people on here and reading their posts so! much! It’s really impressive how creative and fun and unique people are with their blogs, while I’m over here talking to myself and being angry and hoping for the best.

Here is your ration of one cheesy, genuine sentiment from this blog for the year: I love everyone on here and they push me to be a better blogger!!! And guess what, it doesn’t work, but still!!!!

I love you, person reading this!


what blog post have you had the most fun writing so far?

Actually I’m having a DAMN GOOD TIME writing this one. Tag posts are generally a lot more fun to write than reviews, in my decidedly un-humble opinion. With reviews, I’m like, a sweaty mess (except not sweaty because that’s gross, and I’ve chosen not to sweat because I don’t like it) and I’m crying (except not, because no emotions) and I’m checking my notes and citing page numbers and generally trying to prevent people from yelling at me (which, guess what, NEVER WORKS ANYWAY).

But with tags I just get to yammer on about myself, of course, and talk about any books I want to, not just one, and joke around and goof off without having war flashbacks to all the mean comments people have left on my past works.

Because, like, if you want to comment meanly on my reviews, you have to do so about my personality.

Which…fair, honestly.

Anyway. Some of my faves, besides this: I liked doing the Ruler of Books tag (it’s what I was born for), and the How I Choose My Books tag, and the Unpopular Opinion tag (how much more ME can you get!!)

If I have to pick some fave reviews (and I literally don’t, no one is forcing me, and yet here we are)…I think my one of The Dream Thieves was mildly entertaining to write. And THAT’S IT. SORRY.

Me blocking my face in shame when I realize I didn’t have fun writing that many reviews:


what is your favorite kind of post to write?


I love answering questions. I just do. I like tags especially that are get-to-know-you type of things (see: constant references to self-obsession, which I am genuinely worried is becoming not-a-joke) and book-focused ones (because I like talking about MULTIPLE books, not just one, and thus reviews will never be all that fun.)

But one star reviews are fun too.


when do you typically write?

I write reviews whenever I can force myself to (which is 0 times in the last month) and blog posts usually a few hours before I post them. (I love to live on the edge, you guys.)

Typically I write either right when I wake up (not very often but sometimes I’m like tODAY WILL BE PRODUCTIVE BECAUSE I SAY SO) or veeeeerrrrryyyyy late at night (I’m funniest when delirious. Right now, for example, I am feeling mildly faint, and I can’t tell whether I’m sick, which I am all the time, or just really hungry, which is also possible because I have been in this coffee shop for four hours and have only ingested the long-gone latte and a measly granola bar before I came).

(Guys. I’m so broke. But also I am hungry. WHAT DO I DO. Food or money? Food or money? FOOD OR MONEY?)

(How do you choose between your passions, you know?)


do you review every book you read?

Hm. Uh…yeeeessss? Kind of.

I used to write a full review of every book I read, but then I was like, Wait, I don’t care about this. Wait, some of these are getting very few likes, and it’s possible NO ONE cares about this. What a joy, I can give up with justification!

(Another passion I have, alongside food and money, is quitting things that I don’t like.)

Now I try to write at least a mini-review of every book I read (I have stopped writing full reviews for a lot of contemporaries), and also I am trying to go back and write a mini-review of every book I have marked as read on Goodreads.

In, you know, my excess of free time. Because what I needed was even more online things to devote my nonexistent dedication to.

Example: below is my June wrap up. To this day – September 17 – I have not reviewed all of these books. And yet I tell myself that I will, and feel justified in telling you I review everything I read.


how do you write your book reviews? with a cup of coffee or tea? with netflix? cuddled with your fur baby?

All I need to write a review is the tried ‘n’ true recipe for an authentic emmareadstoomuch review. (Insert trademark symbol here.)

  • a generous helping of trying too hard to be funny
  • one (1) iPhone list of notes on the book (can be replaced with a mild freakout and bullsh*tting information to taste)
  • two to three scoops of false self-obsession (you’ll know you’ve put in enough when you’re worried it’s become genuine)
  • enough Instagram posts to overshadow your annoying personality
  • carefully placed references to actual insecurities (see previous ingredient for example)

Too real?

Too real.

Let’s throw in another Instagram post! (See? I stay following that recipe, baby!)


when do you write your book reviews? right after finishing the book? two weeks after finishing the book?

Never. I write them never, and I think, Maybe I’ll have given up on this whole Internet thing in the future and I’ll just never review this! 

I still haven’t given up on the whole Internet thing, and there are still books I’ve read in March that I haven’t yet reviewed.

According to Goodreads, I am currently 16 reviews behind. And honestly I think that number is low.

And I’m only falling further behind! Woohoo! Go me, baby!

how often do you post?

Really just hitting me right in the insecurities, tag! Just a gut-punch to the pre-existing self doubt! I’m feeling good! I’m having a good time!

I try to post every other day and I literally never do. It ends up evening out to 8-12 times a month.

Which is not an unreasonable number of times and I could literally stop putting an unreasonable amount of pressure on myself and just change my claims! But will I? Probably not! Maybe! We’ll see if my lack of reason or my dislike of pressure wins out!!



I actually had a lot of fun doing this tag until it brought up everything I hate about myself!!! So I am tempted to be like “I tag everyone” but I’m not sure if people actually do those tags when everyone is tagged, except me because I’m lonely and I love to post. So I will tag people!!!

Thanks again to May for the tag! Check out her blog she’s one of my faves. I feel full of fondness at this moment. (Gross.)

I tag:

  • Both name twins, who are both great (Emma and Emma)

  • Elise, who is truly a fave

  • another May, because I am plotting to see her fab posts all the time

  • & Destiny, another object of my obsession

  • literally everyone else!!!


Me: complains about how time consuming blogging is

Me: writes the most unnecessarily long post ever.

Missed you people!!! I’m going to go read a ton of posts while I feel loving and happy!!! (A rare moment indeed)

28 thoughts on “The Book Blogger Insider Tag: More information about me than you ever wanted to know

  1. Emma says:

    Awww, thank you so much for the tag, name twin! 💜 Although, I’m really not that great, you’re too sweet! This must have been super fun, I can’t wait!! ❤️ 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haadiya @ The Starlit Reader says:

    I relate to procrastinating on my reviews So HARD, and I love this post ♡ (here’s to hoping for the millionth time I don’t sound like a stalker, but let’s be honest the truth cant be escaped)(( I’m kidding I’m not actually a stalker…))

    Liked by 1 person

  3. anatomyofabookthief says:

    Great tag and beautiful instagram photos!! 😍😍 I always have an iphone list of notes when I write reviews but sometimes I’ve written the page number wrong (I honestly don’t know how or why when the page numbers aren’t even connected in any way!! 😂😂) and then freak out when I get to the page and the paragraph/quote I wanted isn’t there! 😱😱

    Liked by 1 person

  4. my1stchapter says:

    i swear your insta posts make you look like you live in freaking wonderland. what happened to those adoption papers you claimed you were working on???

    also thx for tagging me bc now i have another one to add to my list of tags that will never be completed :’)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Emma says:

    1) you can tell I always love your posts bc I always have to make lists to make sure I remember all of my thoughts
    2) are you actually finishing The Bedlam Stacks?? (asking for a friend)
    3) how the actual fuck are your insta pics always so PRETTY
    4) one-star reviews are ALWAYS the most fun
    5) I’m so honored for the tag and I fee guilty bc I haven’t done a tag post in ages but I’m gonna do one this week I swear

    Liked by 1 person

  6. labookerie says:

    hilarious post – and who doesn’t love writing about themselves tbh? humanity is self-centered like that, but as long as we get this level of quality blogging, it’s definitely a good thing.
    (omg I should be listening to the lecture rn and not typing this)

    Liked by 1 person

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