Rapid Fire Book Tag: In which I tag myself

Thanks to Maram @ She Reads Past Midnight for very kindly tagging me after I tragically said I would tag myself. She’s too kind. Sainted for trying to make me not look like a loser. Read her very fun post here.

e-book or physical book?

PHYSICAL. I find it soooo hard to read e-books. And I’ve been trying to do e-ARCs lately and I’m reallyreally bad at it. Sorry, Penguin First to Read.

Also, physical books look pretty.


paperback or hardback?

Isn’t it sort of silly how you can say “hardback” but not “papercover”? The English language, my friends. Just ridiculous.

But to actually, you know, answer: hardcovers. Absolutely and without exception. They’re prettier and they’re easy to read, and they can withstand small explosions with no damage done. If you breathe too hard on a paperback the spine cracks irrevocably.


online or in-store book shopping?

I need those online prices, baby. Love that IRL experience, but my wallet has only one true love and that’s Book Outlet. (Again, Book Outlet: if you’re reading this, sponsor me. I’ll be your affiliate. I’LL DO ANYTHING BUT I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.) For now, I’ll tragically add: #notspons


trilogies or series?

I feel like “standalone” would make more sense here. A trilogy is just a type of series. Like how a square is a rectangle but a rectangle isn’t a square.

I think trilogies are kind of overrated? Why do so many stories need exactly three (3) books to be told. But also most stories don’t need any more than that. So neither and both I guess.


heroes or villains?

Whoever wins.


a book you want everyone to read?

When do I not talk about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? I’ll switch it up and say The Invoice, which is a short-n-sweet lil story about a very happy man.


recommend an underrated book?

Damn, I just did! I’ll just throw A Million Junes out there again, because that book is sick and I’m very scared it’s going to be criminally underrated. (So what it technically isn’t underrated yet?? I have a feeling!)


the last book you finished?

The Great Gatsby, for the fourth time. Stay tuned for what will certainly be a masterful review by me, detailing how Daisy Buchanan is actually the best character ever and the crown jewel and hero and angel of the book and I love her and everyone should and she’s a hero and I want to become her kind of but not really.


weirdest thing you’ve used as a bookmark?

oh, god. The truth is coming out. When I was reading Gemina a few days ago I used a pair of scissors as a bookmark. I’m not proud. But god they were closed, I kept those pages safe my friends. Those glorious pages are a-okay.


used books: yes or no?

YES, DUH. Who says no to this? I’ve saved hella money buying books from my library and on the used sections of Amazon. Also I sell my old books on Amazon. (They’re here if you want to buy all of them and construct a bookish shrine to me.)


top three favorite genres?

I love classics the most regularly, I read contemporaries the most often, and I enjoy fantasy the most frequently.


borrow or buy?

BUY. I love to be surrounded by all the books I’ve read. I plan to keep buying and reading and buying and reading until eventually I have to stack the books against the walls, and then they reach the top of the walls, and then THEY BECOME THE WALLS.

Then maybe I’ll have to borrow.


characters or plot?

Characters. Write one who’s good enough, and you can follow them eating cereal and choosing paint colors for three hundred pages and I’ll be interested.

Unfortunately, I always have a hard time falling in love with characters. It’s only happened exactly twenty-five times. (When you consider that’s out of the 643 books I’ve read, that’s really kind of tragic.) (Also, how gloriously random is the number 643? It’s like I made it up.) (I didn’t.) (Check my Goodreads shelves if you don’t believe me.)


long or short book?

I think short books are criminally underrated, but if I’m enjoying it I don’t mind a long book.

The thing is that I’m rarely enjoying it.


long or short chapters?

SHORT CHAPTERS ALL THE WAY. Let me find a stopping point. Please. I’m begging you. I haven’t seen my family in days. I want to make a grilled cheese. This chapter has gone on for 200 pages. HELP.


name the first three books you can think of

Fangirl, because my sister just returned it and said she’s “probably never going to read it” (to which I said WHO CARES, now this sweet baby gets to go back on the shelf) (actually I said “just give it to me” rather rudely but it had the same effect)

The Bedlam Stacks, because I’m supposed to be reading it right now and have totally abandoned my lovely buddy reading partner (I’m so bad at buddy reads)

Final Girls, because saying I’m supposed to be reading The Bedlam Stacks made me remember I’m supposed to have this done by July 11 (as I write this, it is 10:51 pm on July 9)


books that make you laugh or cry?

Am I supposed to pick? Because the answer is obviously books that make me laugh. I don’t cry at books. I mean, I rarely laugh, but at least I enjoy it when I do.

Here are some funny books:


our world or fictional worlds?

Um, depends on the book. Usually fictional, I guess? Especially if it’s one of these.

But I like our world, too. Sometimes.


audiobooks: yes or no?

Uhhh. I’ve been listening to a lot of them lately, but I haven’t been that into it. Which is weird because I literally love podcasts. And books, obviously.

But they’re a good way to fill time when you can’t be reading.


do you ever judge a book by its cover?

I judge every book by its cover. I don’t even care and I feel no shame. When I’m entering Goodreads giveaways, I only even look into the ones with pretty covers.

These are my favorite ones.


book-to-movie or book-to-TV adaptations?

Neither, usually, but I thought the Netflix adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events was SO GREAT.

So TV.


a movie or TV show you preferred to its book?

A LITTLE PRINCESS. That was my first time ever preferring a movie. They made so many choices with the story that were just BETTER.


series or standalones?

STANDALONES ARE SO UNDERRATED. It takes me forever to finish a series.



I am not going to tag anyone, because I tagged myself, but if any of you want to do it I will mercifully tag you like Maram did me.


8 thoughts on “Rapid Fire Book Tag: In which I tag myself

    • emmareadstoomuch says:

      YOOO THAT MOVIE!! it was my fav but my sisters NEVER LET ME WATCH IT because we had to agreeee and they wanted to watch something “not tear-jerkingly sad,” the weaklings


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