The Trump presidency is bad. Here’s 175 articles to prove it.

Hey guys. So I’m probably not the only one who’s been feeling a bit useless since November 9. In an attempt to feel like I was doing something (however silly), I’ve been collecting articles of the potentially world-ending or at least deeply disturbing events that have taken place since Trump was elected. There are 175 of them…and I know I missed some. Simply put, it’s becoming a full-time job to gather these articles. But I didn’t want to just put this collection in a proverbial drawer. So…here it is. For your reading pleasure. I call it:

Ode to the Destruction of a Democracy

Note: I tried to keep my sources mixed up, but at a certain point I fell in love with Jake Tapper like a teenage girl with a vampire. (Because the word irrevocably is used. Get it? Like Twilight? Okay.) Anyway, there’s a lot of CNN in there toward the end is what I’m sayin’.

  1. Donald Trump and the Spike in Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes in the U.S.
  2. LGBT Hate Crimes Expected to Skyrocket with Trump’s Presidential Win
  3. Islamist extremists celebrate Trump’s election win
  4. Global markets drop as U.S. election results shock investors
  5. Nazi-Related Trump Graffiti Found in South Philly
  6. Trump wins US election: How world leaders have reacted
  7. 61 not-very positive things foreign leaders have said about Donald Trump
  8. President Trump is a disaster for transgender people
  9. Donald Trump Says He’d ‘Absolutely Require Muslims to Register’
  10. Moscow had contacts with Trump team during campaign, Russian diplomat says
  11. KKK announces North Carolina ‘victory’ parade
  12. The Future of LGBT Rights Under President Trump is Not Pretty
  13. Black Freshmen at University of Pennsylvania Receive Racist Messages Depicting Lynchings
  14. Democrats and Feds Say Donald Trump is about to Breach Law on New Hotel
  15. Donald Trump’s proposed Cabinet is very white and very male
  16. Donald Trump’s War on Science
  17. Rick Perry Tapped to Run Department He Once Vowed to Nix
  18. The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the US
  19. How Donald Trump’s Business Ties are Already Jeopardizing US Interests
  20. China: Trump’s One China comments ‘risk Taiwan peace’
  21. Rolling Back Abortion Rights after Donald Trump’s election
  22. Donald Trump’s Carrier Deal is a Scam
  23. Donald Trump is Bullying Unions. He Picked the Wrong Fight
  24. Donald Trump, in Louisiana, Says He Will End Energy Regulations
  25. Donald Trump’s Real Threat to the Press
  26. Donald Trump is Gaslighting America (Teen Vogue)
  27. Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice Deal May Include Money from Brands
  28. Trump’s new Secretary of State has a big conflict of interest on Russian sanctions
  29. Is Donald Trump’s Cabinet Anti-Woman?
  30. Paul Ryan’s Dangerous Silence on Donald Trump
  31. Donald Trump’s Media Summit was a ‘f—ing firing squad’
  32. Donald Trump and the UN: Signs of Clashing Views on Many Issues
  33. How Donald Trump responded to the death of Fidel Castro, ‘a brutal dictator’
  34. Donald Trump Close to Picking Ben Carson as Housing Secretary
  35. Donald Trump Tweets SNL is ‘Totally Biased’
  36. Donald Trump Settles Trump University Lawsuits
  37. Donald Trump’s Environmental Reset
  38. Who will be Donald Trump’s real first lady? 
  39. Michael Flynn quietly deletes fake news tweet about Hillary Clinton’s involvement in sex crimes
  40. Sources: Ivanka Trump to have East Wing office 
    Alternate: Source: Ivanka Trump will work out of First Lady’s office
  41. Former CIA Director: Agents & officials growing ‘angry’ about Trump attacks
  42. Trump’s national security adviser shared secrets without permission, files show
  43. U.S. Officials: Putin Personally Involved in U.S. Election Hack
  44. Stephen Miller Will Be Trump’s Senior Policy Advisor
  45. Trump appointees cause climate change panic
  46. W.H. doubles down on claim Trump knew of Russia hacks 
  47. Electors are being harassed, threatened in bid to stop Trump 
  48. Obama vows action against Russia for hacks 
  49. Russian hacking continues unabated 
  50. FBI Backs CIA View that Russia Intervened to Help Trump Win Election
  51. North Carolina Governor Signs Bill Gutting Election Integrity 
  52. GOP Congressman on Russian Hacking: ‘Terrific’ That Voters Got More Truthful Information
  53. Kushner: We struck deal with Sinclair for straighter coverage 
  54. Pentagon demands China return US underwater drone
  55. Pro-Trump electors receive death threats
  56. Official: European threat scale is “unprecedented” 
  57. As Trump Tweets, China Quietly Weights Options to Retaliate 
  58. McCain issues ominous warning 
  59. Russian dissident: Vladimir Putin will use hacking tactic again 
  60. All This Talk of Voter Fraud? Across U.S., Officials Found Next to None
  61. White nationalists target Jews in small Montana town
  62. Report: Embassy of Kuwait moves major event to Trump’s DC hotel
  63. Donald Trump’s sons behind non-profit selling access to the president-elect
  64. Trump allies map out ways to block EPA 
  65. When will Trump hold a press conference?
  66. Clinton beats Trump by nearly 3M in popular vote
  67. Gingrich: Trump dropping ‘drain the swamp’
  68. Arrest made in ‘Vote Trump’ burning of Mississippi black church
  69. Trump voters didn’t take him literally on Obamacare
  70. Trump’s ‘presidential daily briefing’ not daily
  71. Trump: US will ‘expand’ nuke capability
  72. Yoho: Russia acting ‘high school’ on nuke talks
  73. Trump, Putin call for nuke expansion
  74. Trump Suggests Berlin Attack Affirms His Plan to Bar Muslims
  75. Trump Says U.S. Would ‘Outmatch’ Rivals in a New Nuclear Arms Race
  76. Trump blasts early voting: ‘Many things can go wrong’
  77. Trump ‘friend’ and NY campaign co chair says he wants Obama dead of ‘mad cow disease’ in 2017
  78. Trump to inherit more than 100 court vacancies, plans to reshape judiciaries
  79. Santa Monica synagogue smeared with feces and food during Hanukkah
  80. Duped by fake news story, Pakistani prime minister threatens nuclear war with Israel
  81. Israel settlements: Netanyahu orders UN ties review 
  82. Kim Jong Un warns Donald Trump that North Korea will have nuclear weapons by end of 2017
  83. A professor called Trump’s election an ‘act of terror.’ Then she became the victim of terror.
  84. Trump rewards big donors with jobs and access
  85. Asked about Russia sanctions, Trump says ‘we ought to get on with our lives’
    (Honestly read this one just for how incomprehensible this quote is.)
  86. Two Trump Companies Discovered in Cyprus, EU’s Russian Offshore Banking Haven
  87. ‘Cold War Déjà Vu’: Russia Dismisses Sanctions and Vows ‘Mirror Response’ 
  88. Russians breach Vermont Utility 
  89. Ivanka lobbying Congress on childcare
  90. House GOP Guts Ethics Panel
  91. As Trump and North Korea’s Kim spar, China poses as the responsible actor 
  92. Trump Picks Wall Street Lawyer to Enforce Laws on Wall Street 
  93. Trump in 2010: WikiLeaks ‘disgraceful,’ there ‘should be like death penalty or something’
  94. Donald Trump Plans Revamp of Top U.S. Spy Agency
  95. Paul Ryan: GOP will defund Planned Parenthood
  96. Trump has time for Kanye, but where’s his promised focus on veterans issues?
  97. Jared Kushner, a Trump In-Law and Advisor, Chases China Deal
  98. Hackers Tried To Break Into DNC Computers Right Before New Year
  99. Former CIA Director James Woolsey Quits Trump Transition Team
  100. Trump Insists Mexico Will Pay For Wall After US Begins Work
  101. US ethics office struggled to gain access to Trump Team
  102. North Korea sends message to Trump amid threat to fire missile ‘at any time’
  103. Trump predicted that all his Cabinet picks will get confirmed – here’s why he’s probably right
  104. ‘It doesn’t make sense’: Nuke safety leaders allegedly fired by Trump
  105. Kim Jong Un issues threat to America, Trump
  106. Streep, Trump fight underscores political divide
  107. Trump And One-Third Of His Supporters Believe Vaccines Cause Autism
  108. All the excuses Trump has given on why he won’t release his tax returns
  109. Trump will leave business but won’t sell (okay, so not leaving then yes?)
  110. Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him
  111. Trump cites Kremlin statement to deny reports of Russia ties, asks, ‘Are we living in Nazi Germany?
  112. Taiwan Responds After China Sends Carrier to Taiwan Strait
  113. Senate Approves First Step Toward Repealing Obamacare in Late-Night Session
  114. Trump aide Monica Crowley plagiarized thousands of words in her Ph.D dissertation
  115. House GOP votes to begin Obamacare repeal
  116. Trump rips ‘all talk, no action’ civil rights leader John Lewis
  117. Robert Reich left speechless after Trump surrogate suggests Trump’s win frees him from ethics concerns
  118. Donald Trump may evict the press from the White House
  119. Trump aide Reince Priebus warns ethics chief to be careful
  120. European leaders shocked as Trump slams NATO and EU, raising fears of transatlantic split
  121. Trump’s cabinet pick invested in company, then introduced a bill to help it 
  122. Trump expanding Scottish golf course after vow of no new foreign deals
  123. 6 head-scratching moments from Betsy Devos’ confirmation hearing
  124. Again, we just experienced the hottest year on record
  125. Jewish centers across U.S. face new wave of bomb threats
  126. ‘Learning Curve’ as Rick Perry Pursues a Job He Initially Misunderstood
  127. Interior Department reactivates Twitter accounts after shutdown following inauguration 
  128. Montrealers bound for Trump inauguration turned away at border
  129. Trump Promised To Resign From His Companies – But There’s No Record He’s Done So 
  130. Sean Spicer held a press conference. He didn’t answer questions. Or tell the whole truth.
  131. White House Switchboard Shuts Down Phone Comment Line, Tells Callers to Use Non-Existent Facebook Messenger Account Instead 
  132. Some Trump Aides Still Using Personal Email Accounts
  133. Four more journalists get felony charges after covering inauguration unrest
  134.  Trump administration tells EPA to cut climate change page from website
  135. Officials Beg Trump to Send Help After Storms Kill 20 Across South
  136. There have been just 4 documented cases of voter fraud in 2016. 3 were Trump voters.
  137. Kellyanne Conway Allegedly Punched a Guy at an Inaugural Ball
  138. Steve Bannon is Registered to Vote in Two States 
  139. Tiffany Trump registered to vote in two states
  140. Donald Trump is Still Using His Unsecured Private Cell Phone
  141. Trump’s Voter Fraud Example? A Troubled Tale with Bernhard Langer
  142. Trump hiring freeze includes the short-staffed VA
  143. Trump Strategist Steven Bannon Says Media Should ‘Keep Its Mouth Shut’
  144. Congressional GOP Utterly Silent After Jason Chaffetz Busted Using Personal Email Server
  145. Trump is getting payments from foreign governments. We have no idea what they are
  146. WH: No mention of Jews on Holocaust Remembrance Day because others were killed too
  147. Trump signs order temporarily halting admission of refugees, promises priority for Christians
  148. Fire destroys a Victoria, Texas mosque 
  149. Trump’s Executive Orders Were Brought to You by Breitbart
  150. 6 dead in Quebec mosque shooting
  151. Giuliani: Trump asked about legal ‘Muslim ban’
  152. Trump Fires Acting Attorney General 
  153. Trump’s voter fraud expert registered in three states 
  154. The number of people affected by Trump’s travel ban about 90,000
  155. House Moves to Encourage Drilling in National Parks
  156. At least 17 bomb threats called into Jewish community centers nationwide this month
  157. Trump’s campaign paid his businesses millions over course of campaign
  158. Trump defends Putin: ‘You think our country’s so innocent?’
  159. Trump: ‘Any negative polls are fake news’ 
  160. Trump’s tweets against judges worry legal community
  161. Docs suggest Trump still tied to business empire
  162. Was Conway’s Ivanka sales pitch legal?
  163. Trump attacks McCain for criticizing Yemen raid
  164. FBI questioned Flynn just days after Trump took office
  165. It’s ‘unlikely’ that Flynn acted alone
  166. Kremlingate: What did President Trump know and when did he know it?
  167. Democrats demand independent probe after Flynn resignation
  168. Andy Puzder withdraws as nominee for labor secretary
  169. The irony of Trump whining about leaks
  170. FBI releases on Trump apartments’ race discrimination probe in ’70s
  171. Second report says the Trump campaign was in ‘constant’ contact with Russia, and Trump was informed
  172. Donald Trump says US not committed to two-state Israel-Palestine solution
  173. U.S. Allies Conduct Intelligence Operation Against Trump Staff and Associates, Intercepted Communications
  174. Donald Trump Just Launched A War On Whistleblowers
  175. Classified memo tells intel officials to keep Donald Trump’s press briefings short

So, everyone: keep using your voice. Go to protests. Sign petitions. Give money to organizations like the ACLU and Planned Parenthood (both of which are doing amazing work). And above everything else, vote in 2018.



7 thoughts on “The Trump presidency is bad. Here’s 175 articles to prove it.

  1. Maya says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. I’m bookmarking this and reading as much articles as I can. Great compilation, I feel like it’s really important that you young americans and all of us watching around the world stay informed. Kudos.


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