Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Review

I’m not going to include the usual synopsis here, because who among you needs it?!

5/5 stars

That was a rather beautiful return to lovely childhood memories. If I felt any human emotions ever, I could almost get worked up about it.

I have to be honest, I was halfway convinced I wouldn’t like this book much at all. I tend to have opinions that are irritatingly against the YA grain, and then I can’t join in the fun. (Okay, yes, I’m mainly talking about Throne of Glass. Well, and the Mortal Instruments. And Ms. Peregrine’s…okay I could go on.) Instead, I read the whole thing in one sitting. And it’s the week before finals, too. Ain’t that logical? 

My only complaint about this is a very English major one: none of the poems/songs have meter! They sound all lopsided. (How nitpicky is that?! The truth is I loved this book, but I still love to complain.)

Oh and also, really important question: How do people like Snape?! I remember what is supposed to “redeem” him, but he is really one of the most awful characters I’ve read. “Always”? Bleh. I wish Fluffy killed him. Every time he shows up I have a temper tantrum.

My favorite characters, you ask? (You didn’t. Sorry.) Hermione, of course, I am a Ravenclaw after all. I also have the most massive soft spot for poor Neville. My heart is constantly breaking for him. I can have a real problem with being overly empathetic.

Anyway. In short this book was quite the adventure. I love this installment particularly for its look inside Hogwarts and the process. I remain absolutely obsessed with Diagon Alley and the school lists. Now I’m about to die because I don’t own a copy of the second book AND I WANT TO READ THE NEXT ONE. I don’t know what to do! (Update: I had my mom request a copy from our local library, pick it up and bring it to me. Very nicely, of course.) Now I’m about to get my Chamber of Secrets on! (That sounded inappropriate. I’m sorry.)

Bottom line: oh, who am I kidding? You’ve all read this. And you all know it to be an absolute…(Hermione voice) pleasure.

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